I first met Linda in 2008 when she came to our office in Hong Kong for a business meeting.

I felt an immediate connection and soon found myself confiding in her about some of the challenges that I was facing in my job.  At the time, I was working really long hours and receiving more than 400 emails every day.  I felt exhausted and overwhelmed.  Linda gave me some very practical tips to deal with the overwhelm and eliminate many of the daily emails.  She encouraged me to take back control of my in-box.  It worked – and I still use those techniques to this day.

A few years later in 2011, I found myself at a cross-roads.  I had been with the same Company for 15 years but now I felt stale.  I needed a new challenge.

Linda helped me to get realigned with my core values and get really clear about my dreams.

In that single session, I realised that my real dream was to relocate to Europe and experience a new life overseas.  But I had absolutely no idea how to make that happen.

Fast forward a few years and I am just about to enter my third year of London life.

It’s a dream come true. and best of all – I transferred to a new role with the Business.   I feel happy and fulfilled.

Without Linda’s help, I feel sure I would never have found the courage to acknowledge, let alone pursue my dream.


Hong Kong

I would highly recommend coaching with Linda.  Her coaching skills coupled with her extensive experience in Corporate and a very natural ability for problem solving make her the ultimate ‘go to’ coach for anyone looking to get unstuck in their career and restore their zest for life.


Glasgow, Scotland

Linda works gently and compassionately to dig deep into the heart of any issues and miraculously manages to hone into the area needing most support in that moment.

She brings about an awareness that enables a power to come “unstuck” allowing you to move forward with clarity and control.

Working with Linda has enabled me to use my new found tools to control any anxieties/concerns/barriers and allow me to make positive steps towards creating a happier, more content life.



Cards on the table.  Linda and I are friends – we have been for 30 years – and I have had a front row seat to the passion and determination with which she has pursued her career.

I have also had the benefit of my own personal coach at various stages of my life.

The most significant, in 2006.  I was living in Surrey with my husband and 2 young children.  I was working full time in an Accountancy firm and he had a very stressful job at IBM.  We were both working long hours and would arrive home each evening to a ‘half-finished’ extension feeling exhausted and with little time or energy for the things that really mattered.  We felt trapped.  We had to work long hours just to pay the bills and maintain a reasonable standard of living.  But inside I was dying.

When I shared my sadness with Linda, she pushed me to examine my true desires.  And mine were clear – I wanted to quit my job, sell up, and relocate to my homeland of Scotland where I could be much closer to family.  But it was impossible, I knew that.

Linda refused to entertain all the reasons why this plan was not possible, and instead encouraged me to focus on all of the reasons why I DID want to move.  As the list expanded, it became so clear – I had to make this happen and NOTHING was going to stop me.

Within 12 months, we had completed the extension, sold the house in Surrey, bought a beautiful new property in Scotland and made a family decision that I would take a year off to be with my children and ensure that we were all settled into our new home.

We have never looked back.


Biggar, Scotland

Yuki Graviet Knapp

Thanks to working with Linda, my fear and social anxiety have rapidly decreased, and I feel absolutely amazing! Social anxiety and a sense of not-belonging have been major stumbling blocks in my career in the past (where regular networking and client-facing interactions are an absolute MUST), but no longer.

After working with Linda, I am now able to confidently walk into social situations feeling completely clear and capable. I’m happy and excited to make new acquaintances, and as a result have been seeing clearer results with my clients as well! I’m so happy and pleased with Linda’s work, and I highly recommend her to all discerning women who are looking for more ease, power, and joy in their life/work experience.


New York City

Kate Debow

I sat with Linda during a very important time in my business.  I was coming to the end of a big launch, only had half of my numbers in and HAD to remain positive and focused on the results. 

We had a Zoom session and she immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  The goal was to keep me focused on success in every area and keeping up the positive thoughts when momentum and fear could drag me down.

After the initial breathing, I have to tell you, I don't remember much more.  When I was instructed to open my eyes, I felt as though I was waking from a restful, peaceful nap.  The next day, and now the following several days, I have been on FIRE! Consistently acting on great ideas on how to propel my launch forward during these last few days and never once slipping into fearful thoughts.  I could not be more pleased with the results.

If you have any questions about trying NLP, let me put your mind  at ease - especially if you are worried you won't get the same effect if you do the session over the internet.  My experience was everything I could have hoped for and more!

Make your appointment NOW!


Wyoming, USA

Helen Fitness

I’m bowled over by my session with Linda.  I got such clarity about whether I wanted a relationship or not.  She enabled me to be honest with myself and take total acceptance of my decision without being in fear or anxiety about it.  The funny thing is, having accepted that I was very happy NOT being in a relationship, the very next day, I went on a pre-arranged date.  Everything flowed, I was treated well, and we’ve arranged to meet again!

Getting clear, being honest with myself and being detached from the outcome have opened up the possibility of experiencing quality love again.


Paris, France

Yuki Graviet Knapp

I went to Linda to try NLP because I have been struggling in my business.  Honestly, I didn’t know what NLP was or if it would even work on me, but I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Linda expertly guided me through our session and I immediately felt relaxed.   So much so, that by the end I felt a new level of self-confidence.

I can’t explain what happened BUT…. That SAME day I had a kick-ass interview, a new job offer AND a new potential client reach out to work with me.  Coincidence?  I think not.


California, USA

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