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You are a woman of integrity.

You are strong, independent and loyal.

You are older in years than you are at heart.

You are hard-working, determined, and committed.
You work long hours
You don’t like to say NO.


You will always see the project through to completion.
You often end up taking on way more than your fair share.
You are the one to whom the boss turns when there is a job that really must get done and
get done well.  You are so attentive to the details.  You take great pride in your work.
That’s obvious.


And then you get home and once again, you are the one everyone turns to
when there is a family problem to sort.


Again, you don’t like to say NO because you don’t like to let people down.


But you don’t ever ask for help.


Because you are strong, you are independent, and you will always find a solution.

Does this sound like you?




Shall I tell you how I know?


Because that was me too.


Way back in 2010, I decided it was time for CHANGE.
It was time for me to do something for ME.
By then I had been working for more than 20 years,
rarely taking more than 10 days holiday per year and even when I did,
I still checked my emails every day and took calls from the office on a frequent basis.


I loved my work.
It had always been such an important part of my life – but at the same time,
I just knew that life had more to offer.
There was more that I need to DO, BE and SEE.
To the outside world, my life looked fabulous.
But I didn’t feel fabulous.


And so, I decided to do what I was really good at.


I would create a PROJECT and I would project-manage my own life.


And like all good projects, I started with a plan – and a goal.
And … with an end-date in mind, I set to work.


I started to plan for a year long BREAK from my career.
From all of the demands and expectations, from the meetings and presentations,
the office politics, the endless emails …


Don’t laugh, but I even created a presentation and a gant chart and I
marked time in my diary to review progress every 2 weeks.
For once I was putting ME first and I was taking this project very seriously.


I was committed to a year of FREEDOM.
Doing only what I wanted to do, travelling where I wanted to go.
Staying in the hotels that made me go WOW! when I checked them out on-line.
I was excited to try new things, meet new people, explore new places, get out of my comfort zone on such a frequent basis that it would become my ‘new normal’.


I even gave it a name –  THE FREEDOM PROJECT

How about you?


If you were asked to create the project plan for your own life, how might it look?


What elements of your current life would you like to change?


By when would you like to implement the changes?


Well – DO what you know how to do.
Start with the end date in mind and work back from there.


You are managing complex projects every week of the year!
Why not take some time to think about what you really want, and plan your own fabulous, life?

If this strikes a chord in any way and you would like to start planning,
I am here for you and I would LOVE to be part of your team.
I’m all about the RESULTS and I know that you are too.


If you feel like you might LOVE to try something new but not sure what,
then don’t worry, I’ve got that that covered too.


The first part of my Signature 90 Day Coaching Programme is all about CLARITY.
About getting clear on your values and your motivations.
About reconnecting to the things you once loved to do.


Getting clear about what is working in your life, what is not –
and what elements you might like to change.
Where you might like to introduce some new things….


Whatever you would like to change, I am here for you.


Let me help you get really clear about what you want from life
and to create the plan to make it happen.

I have been where you are now, and I am living proof that anything is possible.


And before you start throwing your arms up in resistance….
NO – You are NOT too old!


That’s just the FEAR raising its head.
But don’t worry – I got your back!


Let’s do this! #Fabulousbeyondforty


Click here to arrange a free 30 Minute consultation.


Lets get to know each other and see whether my coaching style is right for you.


Let’s connect!

And if you want to learn more about my Signature Coaching Programme,
before we chat,  you can check it out right here.

Signature 90 Day Coaching Programme

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