Power Hour


The ‘Power Hour’ session is ideal if you already a vision of your future in mind, but are not clear where to start, or what actions required to bring it to life.

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What would you do if you were not afraid?
If you knew you could not fail?


What would you like to be celebrating 12 months from today?


Are there any changes you would like to make to your life but just too busy to implement?


You don’t have the time to take ACTION?


In this powerful session, (conducted via ZOOM) I will help you to identify the first 10 steps required in order to bring your vision to life.


Then it’s over to you. You can bring your dream to life by investing only 15 minutes per day (consistently).


Whether your goal is to:

  • Find a job you love
  • Restart your life following loss or divorce
  • Sell your home, downsize and live mortgage free
  • Start afresh in a new city
  • Go after that promotion
  • Write a book
  • Prepare for a new life overseas
  • Lose the weight and qualify in a fitness competition
  • Launch a new Business
  • Living on a boat in the Caribbean
  • Develop a new skill
  • Being interviewed in the media or having your work published



Whatever your ultimate goal, if you were to invest only 15 mins per day consistently, then one year from now, you will have invested 90 hours in bringing your dream-life to fruition.


That equates to 2 full working weeks.   Can you imagine how much you could achieve if you dedicated 2 full weeks to a single project?  Well that’s effectively what you will do over the year, by investing as little as 15 minutes per day.


Together we will identify the first 10 steps to bring your dream to life.


Then it’s over to you to TAKE ACTION.



What’s included

  • 1hr Power Hour session conducted via ZOOM.
  • Recording of the session so you can revisit after our call.
  • Summary sheet detailing first 10 ACTION steps to bring your vision to life.
  • 15-minute ‘follow-up session’ to be arranged 2-4 weeks after the primary call. This will allow me to check on the progress you have made and provide additional support or recommend additional resources where required.
  • Full refund of your Power Hour session in the form of a £149 discount if you choose to invest in my signature Coaching Programme within 28 days of your initial session.
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