Accelerator Programme


This is an ideal first step into coaching. If you want to get really clear on who you are, what you want from life, AND you are ready to KICKSTART the change process, this programme is perfect for you.


This Programme is perfect for you if you are new to Coaching, ready to take control of your life and your happiness, and kick-start the CHANGE process.


  • You find yourself at cross-roads in life …. wondering what the future holds for you
  • You may have experienced an unexpected change in personal circumstances as a result of a major life event – losing someone close, redundancy, divorce, etc and you are struggling to find the confidence to move forward in a new direction
  • Or perhaps you have noticed that you are living with an undercurrent of sadness and are worried where this might lead if you don’t take action NOW
  • You want to make changes but not really sure how or where to start
  • You may even be worrying that you have left it too late to change (not true)
  • Maybe you are more concerned about what others will say if you DO make the changes
  • You would benefit from support and encouragement from someone who has already taken the leap, who has already made major changes in her own life and can help to show you the way.


What’s included:

  • 6 x 1:1 Coaching sessions (1hr) delivered via ZOOM
    Programme can be delivered over a 6-week or 12-week timeframe to suit your schedule
  • ZOOM recording of all coaching sessions in order that you may revisit
  • Dropbox Link so that you can easily access all of the materials – including additional resource materials where appropriate
  • A listening ear
    An opportunity for you to share your hopes and fears without judgement
  • Your very own cheerleader
    Offering additional words of encouragement between sessions
  • Additional materials and resource recommendations to support you in specific areas.
  • Workbook
    So you can revisit all of the questions asked during your Coaching session (Note – this will be issued at the end of the Programme.)
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