90 Day Coaching Programme



If you are looking to find direction and purpose in your life. Regain your confidence and self-worth. Find more time and make more money, then I invite you to join me. Work with me in a 90-day private coaching programme to get clear on your purpose, your values and your dreams.


When you decide to start living life on YOUR terms, and create your most FABULOUS life, then YOU get to take back the power. YOU become the jewel in your own life. Get the tools and support you need to create your FABULOUS life. Discover your TRUE BRILLIANCE and step confidently into the BEST version of YOU.


What’s included in the 90 Day Coaching Programme?

  • A comprehensive welcome pack so that I can get to know your more deeply before our first meeting. This will provide me with some key insights and enable me to create a coaching programme that is uniquely tailored to you and thus ensure that we make the best possible use of our time together.
  • A 90 Minute Skype Intensive to kick off the process.  During this session, we will discuss where you are at right now, where you ASPIRE to be and what might be holding you back.
  • Lifetime access to my unique Diamond Life Home Study Programme. This programme brings together the best of the tools, techniques and insights that I have learned over the last 25 years. And because you get Lifetime access, this means that you will automatically gain access (at no additional cost) each and every time the programme is updated, or new materials are added.
  • 90 Days of attention focused on you. During this time, I will answer any questions you may have or help you deal with any challenges that have arisen as you work through the modules & exercises from the Home Study Programme. This process is designed to lead you back to YOU and remind you who you are at your core. These modules will also support you to design your FABULOUS life and identify the steps required to achieve all that you DESIRE.
  • By spending time developing awareness in these areas, you will develop much greater clarity in all areas of your life and be more committed to living FABULOUS-LY. We will explore how clear you feel about your life choices to date, and about your current goals. We will examine (with compassion) how you are currently showing up in the world, what distractions or poor habits are causing you to fall off course, and what new habits and routines will help keep you on track, and support you in achieving your DREAMS. And most importantly, we will address what you can do to present your unique and fabulous self and reclaim your place as the beautiful, SPARKLING jewel in your own life.
  • A further 6 (1hr) coaching calls over the 90-day period. We will use this time to discuss the key learnings and awareness gained from the modules, and work through any blocks or challenges that you face. Calls will be scheduled every 2 weeks (approx.) and are conducted over SKYPE.
  • Email access to me during the 90 days of your programme. This will enable you to reach out and ask me more urgent questions as they arise. It will also allow me the opportunity to support you in the more challenging times, without the need to wait for our next call.
  • My unwavering support and commitment to your goals.
  • Access to my knowledge and experience gained over 25 years in the Corporate arena and across a wide range of key disciplines and in a truly multi-cultural environment.
  • Additional Resources as required. I can offer worksheets, resources and recommended reading for specific areas to keep you fully supported and ensure your powerful growth and success.
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