Time for Reflection with Linda Thomson Life Coach

A Time for Reflection


Summer is over, the kids are back at school, and the darker nights are drawing in.


And here in Scotland, the heating is already back on!


I always find that this is a great time of year for reflection.
A time to look back on all that you have achieved so far.  Not to beat yourself up – but to collect your thoughts, be grateful for all that you have achieved, reassess those goals that you haven’t – and ask the question, are they still important?


If they are important, then there is still time for one final push and for you to make a conscious decision to choose how the year will end for you.


How did you envision 2017 would turn out for you?  Are you where you want to be?
Basking in the glory of achieving all (and more) that you planned to at the start of the year?


Well don’t worry, there is still time and I can help.

90 Minute Breakthrough Coaching Session

If you have been working for 20 years or more and find yourself in a period of darkness or uncertainty – triggered perhaps by a major life event or an intuitive calling that you have been ignoring for some time, then my 60-Minute Breakthrough session is an ideal first step in getting honest about who you are, and what you truly want from life.

I will show you how to take control of your life and kickstart CHANGE

You are a strong, smart, capable and determined woman.  You know you can’t just sit around waiting for things to happen.


You need to TAKE ACTION, create your own opportunities.

This session is perfect for you if:


  • You find yourself at a cross-roads in life…. wondering what the future holds for you?


  • You know in your heart that you are destined for more. You have been ignoring the nagging call of your intuition for way too long.  You would love to make some major changes in your life but you are afraid.  Afraid of walking out on a great job and salary.  Afraid that you might fail.  Afraid of what other people might say about your choices.


  • You feel exhausted from the continuous round of redundancies, organisational restructures and increasing demands on your time? You are ready to start putting YOU first. You are ready for CHANGE.


  • Perhaps you are already facing redundancy, and would love to take the money and use this opportunity to start something new and exciting. But you feel scared – what if you fail? Maybe you should stick it out until the next round…


  • You have no time for anything BUT work? You don’t want to leave your job – you are happy there.  But you would love to find a way to create a greater work/life balance.


  • You want more FREEDOM – to create a life lived on YOUR terms.


Let’s ensure you have plenty to celebrate when the bells toll to welcome 2018


Champagne Popping for new year


xxx  Sending you so much love xxx

Love Linda

Note :  Calls will be recorded and may be used for certification purposes.

Linda Thomson, Lifestyle & Success Coach B&W

About Me

Linda Thomson is an international Lifestyle & Success Coach.

She coaches and mentors highly driven, talented, and capable women who have already achieved a level of success in their Corporate careers but often at the expense of other areas of their life.

Her clients come because they find themselves at a cross-roads and are keen to explore the possibilities of an exciting new vision – a career change, relocation, a new business venture or an amazing new passion project.


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