I’ve been sorting through my photos this week and as I did, noticed there were moments where a little bit of guilt crept into my thoughts.


Guilt related to the fact that I had been ‘away from my desk’ enjoying so many days out whilst the sun shone.  I felt guilty about allowing myself so much time for pleasure when there were things to be done at home and in my business.

Linda Thomson in New York City


Have you ever done that?
Please don’t say I’m the only one!



Have you ever felt guilty about prioritising your own pleasure in life?
We don’t get much sunshine in Scotland, so we must take advantage when it appears, and I’m lucky in that my role allows the flexibility to take advantage.  So why the guilt?



Well, as grown-ups, we often neglect our creativity or relegate it to ‘hobby’ status – something to do when everything else on the list is done.



But how different would life be if you were to prioritise the things that make you feel alive, joyful, creative, and happy?   It may not be something that makes money or that other people particularly approve of.  And that’s OK.  This is your gift to yourself.  Do it for the love of it.  This doesn’t apply only to the arts, but to a new business idea, redecorating your home, travelling to a faraway land, or discovering a new way to be in your personal relationships.



Allow yourself to be filled with the kind of joy and freedom you knew as a child.  See the colours that you played with, the shapes you used to make, and the abundance of being creative without fear of judgement.   Think of something you can do today that will connect you to that creative surge you had as a child.



What is that for you?  Is it dancing, singing, cooking, painting, writing, photography, or making crafts?  Or is it gardening, arranging flowers, acting in a play, or singing in a choir?  There are hundreds of ways to be creative.  Basically, any activity that requires work with your hands.  Because these activities require a different form of attention that doesn’t drain your mental energy.



What is the thing that makes your heart sing?



Ask yourself, what your life would be like if you chose to connect with that original joy and freedom you had as a child, by giving yourself permission to create for the sake of creating.



Bring that creative energy into your life, allowing yourself to plunge into something you want to do and infuse it with your joy.



Let go of any judgement that you may feel from yourself or others.  You don’t need that right now.  Expressing your creativity is a gift to yourself.

Enjoy every moment quote

Here’s a few suggestions for you to try:



1. Look around at your life and see where your creativity needs to be rekindled. Notice where you may have been operating on ‘auto-pilot’. Start to think of more creative ways to do things and ask yourself: is there another way to do this that will kick-start my creativity?



2. Keep a notepad and pen around you.  Start doodling for five minutes a day; this can open up your creative flow and help you get out of your head.



3. Visit a bookshop, a gallery, or any other place that is filled with creativity and take time to browse.  Tap into the creativity of all that surrounds you and be inspired. Join a creative class in any subject you love and let the group energy inspire you.



4. Make a list of creative pleasures you used to enjoy as a child and open your imaginary world once again.  You are never too old to be creative because it’s an approach to life, an attitude. Dare to go there!



Give yourself permission to express the joy of your creativity. 



Relax into your creativity and experience your joy.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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