Please excuse me just one sec whilst I re-apply my sunscreen ☀️



YES!  You read that right. I’m at home here in Scotland and we have been basking in the most glorious sunshine for weeks now.

Linda Thomson in New York City

This must be the best June we’ve had in years, and it is a pleasure to witness how much happier everyone seems when the sun is shining.  There’s no denying we have all endured a tough few years (starting with Covid), and so to see people happy and smiling – spending time at the park or the beach with their loved ones, is so heart-warming.



And long may it continue.



For me, it’s meant road trips… plenty of them.  Windows down, music on and a chance to explore and to appreciate the spectacular beauty of my home country.



As a result, I’m feeling replenished, revitalized & inspired. 
And it’s from that place, that I choose to press the RESET on 2023.



Will you join me?  



How are things for you so far this year?



Did you set some goals at the beginning of this year?
Are you on track to achieve all that you intended to?



Where are you now vs where you expected to be?


  • Well on your way?
  • Making good progress?
  • Barely started?



If you are not on track to achieving your goals, ask yourself WHY?
Has your situation changed?  Those goals are no longer important?



Too busy?



One piece of advice I received in the past and it always sticks with me is this…



Instead of saying “I don’t have time, try instead saying “It is not a priority for me right now”.



You see, this statement reminds us that WE are each responsible for our own lives, we are each in control of our destiny and whether we DO, or we DON’T – that’s down to us.



We must each take responsibility and decide what is important to us.



So, look at what you have committed to achieve this year.  And if you haven’t made the progress you intended – just ask yourself why?  See if it sits comfortably to accept “It is not a priority” and that being the case, take it off your list.



Set yourself free.  



If it is important to you, then acknowledge it IS a priority and schedule time to take the first step.  If the task feels too big and you are struggling to find the time to get it done, then how about investing an hour to break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks? Things you can get done in half an hour or less.  If you are anything like me, then it’s much easier to create a space in your diary for a task that will take 30 mins than it is for a task that might take 3 hours with zero interruptions.  Why not give this a try?

Ocean with lady

If you’re ready for a RESET and willing to take responsibility to move your life forward with intention, here’s 3 things you need to address:



1. Get clear on what you want.
Gaining clarity around your goals and objectives will make it easier to find the pathway to success.  Understand and outline exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve and then give yourself permission to do what it takes to get there! Once you’ve set your excuses aside, the path becomes clearer and much easier to navigate.



2. Stop with the excuses!
They are certainly not making anything easier or helping you make any progress.  Make a list of the excuses you think are holding you back and find a way to approach them differently. Even small changes in the way you’re doing things or the language you use, can lead to big results.



3. Eliminate limiting beliefs 
Stretch the limits of what you think is possible.
Often, the biggest obstacle in your way is your MINDSET.
So many of us hold ourselves back because we don’t believe we are capable or deserving. If you’re really clear on what you want to achieve and you’re taking responsibility, you can find a way around even the biggest challenges. A simple change in attitude can work wonders to help you find a way to make all your dreams possible.



Don’t waste another moment. 
Press that RESET button and let’s get going.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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