I’m hoping that you might have an easier time answering this question today than when I asked you last time 💖



Because by now, you have had a whole 2 weeks to think about it!

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Did you take a look around your space? 
And did it reveal any details about what you might believe about yourself or how much you currently value yourself?  



Did you uncover any outdated beliefs? 
Beliefs that may have been holding you back?



Can you think of one area of your life that you have sought to improve? 
But with limited success?  Maybe it’s around finding love or losing weight.



Well NOW might be a good time to uncover what you truly believe about these things. If you have been playing the thought “I’m not worthy of love” over and over in your own mind – then guess what you are going to attract?  Or if you continually identify as someone “who has always been overweight” then there’s not much on the outside will change until you address this core belief.



And here’s the thing.  Many people go about trying to create change by switching things around in the OUTSIDE world.  But if you start on the inside – by letting go of those old/outdated beliefs and start creating some new beliefs, then you can facilitate a shift in Identity – and watch in wonder as even the smallest of changes made on the inside, ripple through your external life with incredible results.



Don’t underestimate the incredible power that lies in Mastering your Mindset. In taking control of your thoughts.  And in breaking free of any negativity those thoughts bring to your experience of life. 



Because the stories we tell ourselves don’t just change how we FEEL – they have the power to change what we see, what we experience, and what we know to be true.



In better understanding how the mind works, I think it is helpful to consider that what you see, think, and believe in your head is just a movie, and when you stop engaging with it – stop believing it and responding as though everything is true – you automatically return to your default setting, which is HAPPY.



We can take this analogy even further and consider that Mastering your Mindset is like watching TV and being handed the remote control to your brain: if you don’t like what you are watching (what you are thinking) you can change the channel.



Experiencing a thought that makes you feel bad about yourself?  Press the remote, change the channel. Choose a new one (new channel/new thought). A thought that makes you feel good about yourself.



Let’s imagine for a moment that you have been resisting the digital evolution and have a left-over Movie/DVD in your collection.  But every time you watch the film, it terrifies you. It doesn’t matter whether you have had this DVD for 20 years or 20 minutes, you can throw it out and be done with it in an instant.



And we can do the same with our thinking.  Whether you have believed something about yourself for 40 years or 40 days, you can throw that thought out, be done with it and select a new, more supportive, and inspiring thought.



You can create a new identity.



And let’s be clear, it is much easier to change our mind – to change what is inside of us, than it is to change the world around us.  

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And we can actually change our minds very quickly indeed.  Sure, we might procrastinate and put it off for a while.  We might think about it a lot, even tell ourselves stories about it, and find evidence for us being right.



We might endlessly chat it over with friends, but when it comes down to it, we change our minds in a heartbeat, and in the same way – natural, permanent, and effective change also happens fast, just like that.



Remember – it is your thoughts that drive your feelings, and those feelings which will dictate your actions in any given moment.



Change happens the moment YOU decide.
And you have the power to decide right here, right now

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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