I mean…. WHO are you at your core?



I know!  That’s a big question to start the conversation this week.
But it’s an important one, and one that you should ask yourself often.



And pay attention to the answer – because it is shaping your entire life.

Linda Thomson in New York City

When you look into the mirror, WHAT do you see?  WHO do you see? 
What are your thoughts about your face?  The shape of your body?  Your personality? 



What do you believe you deserve, or think about what is possible for you?
What are you good at?  Not so good at?



Your answers to these questions really matter, because they are creating a mental portrait in your mind called your self-image.



But why does that matter?



Well it matters, because the strongest force in the human personality is to behave in a manner that is aligned to what we believe to be true about ourselves. How we identify.



So if you have wandered through the last 20-30 years of your life believing that you are ‘not good with technology’, or that you are not ‘smart enough’ – then your subconscious mind is conditioned to seek out opportunities to prove this belief true.



Read that again because its crazy!  Crazy but true.



The thing is, your current self-image is most likely based on the past.  Past experiences – possibly statements, that you heard repeatedly growing up – which then sparked a thought that you kept thinking.  And when you keep playing the same thought over and over (like vinyl on a turntable), then it becomes a belief, and without ever taking the time to question it, you own it, and you believe THIS is who you ARE.



Sadly, very few people take the time to examine their beliefs, either to challenge their credibility (in the present day) or to understand how these play into the image they hold of themselves.  They don’t understand what self-image/identity is and how it is impacting every area of their lives.



If you look around your life you will see it everywhere.
Your life is reflecting back to you, WHO you think you are.



Take a look around right now at your space.  Whether you are in your home, your office, your car or somewhere else.  Try to detach yourself for a moment and (without judgement) describe the person who lives/utilises this space.



Does this space reflect someone who takes care of themselves?  Is it orderly or chaotic?  Does that reveal anything about you? Does this space feel good to spend time in?  What would improve it?



If you want to upgrade your life, then you must upgrade how you see yourself.  How you identify.



And if you want to create a shift in your identity, then you must look into something other than your past in order to get there.



Instead, you can direct your attention to your FUTURE, and use your creativity and imagination to dream up who you WANT to be.



Do a case study of this person:



  • When she looks in the mirror, what does she see?
  • How does she dress?
  • Where does she go?
  • What does SHE believe about herself?
  • What does her home look like?
  • What does her car look like?
  • Who does she spend her time with?
  • Does she value herself?  How can you tell?
    ….. and so on.



Get as much detail into this new profile as you can.

Ocean with lady

And you can begin TODAY to start to practice being her – to live in that image of yourself.



Tiny little changes/decisions made repeatedly will move you closer each day to this new and improved version of yourself.   And then suddenly one day, you will realise – there’s no effort.  You are not trying to be ‘her’ anymore.  You ARE her because you have stepped into that image of yourself – and it’s just who you are.  You have expanded your identity.



And it feels really familiar.  Feels like home.



So go on – get working on that profile of your BEST self.
Then, every day, supported by a series of tiny decisions, you will let go of the old identity and inch forward into the new.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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