And hello November! 


You may be surprised to learn that I have already purchased the first of my Christmas gifts.  But don’t misunderstand, it’s not that I have become super-organized, but rather, I knew for sure that if I didn’t get him to spell it out and place the order right there and then, I would NEVER again remember the name.   So yes – the Therizinosaurus is literally ‘in the bag’ 🦖 but shhhhhhhh don’t tell Logan!

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Now … back to business.



Are you living on automatic?  Are you at a point in your life where you feel stuck, bored, tired of the same old routine day after day?  I know how it is – you wake up, check your emails, get dressed and pour a coffee before heading to the office.  More e-mails, more coffee, various meetings, and lots of problem-solving.   Then drive back home, prepare dinner, clear the kitchen, take out the rubbish, watch some TV, catch up on the news, tick off a few more e-mails, go to sleep, and repeat the cycle next day.



It’s fine to have a life of order, and many of us seek out this kind of security.  It’s comforting to live according to a pattern, but the truth is, everything in our world is constantly changing. This is the natural order of life; nothing stays the same.



Have you ever even considered the possibility that your desire for ‘routine’ could be working against you?



You may be missing out on opportunities, memorable experiences, heartfelt moments, and special connections.  And where is the opportunity for spontaneity and joy when you are so locked into a specific pattern/routine?



If you are feeling comfortable but also a bit dull, if you are missing the vibrancy of life, then it’s time to rekindle your curiosity and open yourself up to try something new.



Disrupting your patterns will help you to shake things up and avoid becoming ‘stagnant’.



And it doesn’t have to be anything too daunting.
Simple things to break up the pattern.  That’s all it takes.



  • After being in the office for hours with meetings, e-mails, and looming deadlines, get up out for a bit; why not go for a walk in your lunch hour?    Head to the local park and notice how the leaves are changing on the trees.  Or if you prefer, head to the most expensive street in the area and admire the beautiful homes.

    You can return to your emails and your deadlines afterwards, but you will notice a shift in your mind, body, and your energy by getting away from the desk for as little as half an hour.


  • When you become aware that you are feeling stressed, why not take 5 minutes to play some uplifting music or listen to a calming meditation, instead of reaching for a chocolate bar.


  • If you are eating the same, easy, boring dinner several nights in a row, experiment with a new recipe.  Or even call up a dear friend and together you can try out a new restaurant.


  • Visit a bookstore, browse in a genre you wouldn’t normally be drawn to, and buy something that catches your eye.


  • Take a different route home (if you are still travelling to the office), shop in a new supermarket where you are less familiar with the layout – you might just discover new products whilst searching for your ‘usual purchase’ items.


  • If navy or black are your ‘go to’ colours, try something new.
    How about orange?  Pink?  Yellow?  Change it up!


  • Maybe it’s time for a spot of redecorating at home?
    Leave behind the neutral colours and add some drama by creating an accent wall.


A few simple changes will give you a new way to look at things, starting with the obvious – your home, your work and yourself.

Be curious

When do you feel most creative?



Ask yourself?  When was the one moment in time when I felt most ALIVE?
Now notice the question – I’m not asking when you felt happiest, but when did you feel most ALIVE?



WHAT was it about the experience that made you feel so alive?



What could you do today that would allow you to experience more of that feeling?



Make a list of little things that can enrich and shift the monotony of your day and bring something new and bright into it.  Then start by doing those little things.



You are not a stagnant being, you are meant to continually evolve and grow. Nurture your creativity.



Relish in your aliveness.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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