This morning, I decided to head out early to spend some time working at Starbucks, and this involves a drive through an area known locally as ‘The Clyde Valley’.


Wow!  It looks absolutely spectacular.  It is cold outside right now, but the sun was shining this morning and it just looked so incredibly beautiful in the valley.  Blue skies and a mix of green, red and burnt orange in the trees.  It really is breathtakingly beautiful.

Lanark Loch


In my former/Corporate life, I rarely slowed down enough to notice the changing seasons – in fact, outside of work – I rarely noticed much at all.



But things are different now and I love to notice the changing seasons – none more so than the arrival of Autumn.  As the leaves change colour and fall from the trees, we are gently reminded that everything is happening as nature intended and that we are constantly evolving.



The season of Autumn has long been a source of creative inspiration for many. Watching nature’s gorgeous transformation is enough to give you fresh ideas and new insights, no matter how you choose to release your creative energy.



It is also a great time to recharge our batteries and to indulge in our favourite activities.   In fact, it’s a great time for self-nurture.  Perfect for exploring new ways to look after ourselves and boost our wellbeing with some autumnal self-care.



I know it’s a cliché, but you really can’t ‘pour from an empty cup’.  So, taking care of ourselves is really important before we even think about supporting others or tackling everything else!



Here are some simple recommendations to nurture yourself through the season of Autumn.



Get outside 
And this is not just about exercise.  Being outdoors in nature can really boost our mood and help us see things differently – especially in Autumn. Just as I witnessed this morning, nature can be so colourful, beautiful and inspiring. The autumn leaves and lower sun can make for spectacular sunsets!  It’s such a great way to embrace the positive parts of the seasonal changes.



Read a book
During the busy summer months, we don’t always make time to pick up a good book. Often, we intend to, but then spend so much time outdoors, being active or in our favourite summer settings, it just doesn’t happen. So, what better time to cosy up indoors, and read to your heart’s content.  I haven’t read much at all recently but this year, I’m determined to reconnect with the experience and to work my way through the many beautiful books that have been gifted to me over the years.



The classic bubble bath
And why not?  I absolutely LOVE this way to nurture and take time for me.   You can add your favourite bubbles, bath oil or fragrance and why not light some candles.  You could even take your book in with you (probably need better lighting for this) or listen to some of your favourite music. It’s just such a great way to spend time indoors relaxing and can feel so indulgent.



Treat yourself to a pamper day 
Visit a spa hotel if you have the time or devote an evening to pampering at home. You can do this alone or with friends. There are some amazing spa day deals to be snapped up online. It’s a fabulous way to relax, enjoy some time out, and appreciate that autumn can actually bring us the opportunity to go inwards and rest a little.



And in my personal experience, can also bring unexpected laughter.  I recall a trip to Cameron House many years ago with a friend of mine where we indulged in a mud miracle treatment and the memory makes me laugh to this day.  We both looked so utterly ridiculous.  We cried so hard with laughter. At the time and for many hours after.

Autumn Leaves

There are so many reasons to love Autumn, here is just a few:



A time to reflect 
First of all, autumn provides a visible reminder that everything in life is fluid and in order to move forward, we must embrace change. The weather is changing. The trees are shedding their leaves.  Change is all around us.  It’s a chance to look back and assess how far you have come.



Letting Go  
The season of autumn also reminds us that it is crucial to let go the things that belong to the past. Trees lose their leaves, and though it may seem sad, it is beautiful, necessary and inevitable. Every year, nature goes through this transition and says goodbye to the cheerful summer version of itself. Yet, it lets go without regret and welcomes the change.


This is an important life lesson for us too.


If we don’t let things go and continue to dwell on the past, our personal growth will stop, and we will eventually find ourselves ‘stuck’ in life.



Enjoy the little things in life
The season of autumn gives us a chance to appreciate the little things in life.  A mug of hot chocolate, a warm blanket to keep you cosy on the sofa, a good book, a great TV series – these simple things can make us truly happy after being outdoors in the autumn cold.   You realize the great power the little joys of life have.  It’s a season when time seems to slow down, just like everything in nature.



What do you love most about Autumn? 

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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