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Last time, I mentioned that in the world of Personal Development, we spend a lot of time talking about Clarity, Vision & Mindset, but not nearly enough talking about Environment.

tea cup and saucer

I talked about the benefits we might experience by taking ourselves out more frequently to new, aspirational environments to stimulate our creativity.  That could be to a beautiful hotel, to the beach, to a cute new coffee shop in the next town, or even to the park.  



But let’s not forget the environment in which we spend most of our time. 
Our home.



Wherever you spend most of your time, you need to nurture this space. To make it the best that it can be. Every one of us – no matter where we are, there are things that we can do in our current environment that will help us improve the space and as a result, improve our wellbeing.



That could be as simple as creating a reading/relaxation corner – with room for a comfortable chair and a small side table, or a more general de-cluttering of your space. Fresh flowers, candles and fragrance always make me feel better (and more relaxed) in my home environment.



But there is another level of nurturing too that you might want to explore.
Because your environment extends beyond your home and consists of all the things `external’ by which you are surrounded every day.



It’s about looking at those things through a new lens and asking yourself – are these aligned to the person I am today and the life I choose to live?



Maybe you are using some tatty old towels or sleeping on bedding that is way past its best. You know you deserve better.  Throw them out or recycle and treat yourself to some fluffy towels in colours that make you smile every time you see them. Or new pillows and bed linen which make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.



Perhaps it is your wardrobe that needs upgrading or your bookshelf, the picture frames around your home (are they current?) the conversations you have, even your relationships.



There are many ways to upgrade your current environment.  And these may feel like small shifts, but they all add up and collectively, will make a big difference to the way you feel each day.



Is there something you can do to ‘spruce up’ your home space and create an environment that is more aligned to the person you are today?  Or indeed to the person you aspire to be?



For many of us, our environment plays a huge part in determining how good (or not) we feel each day.  And we may not even be aware just how much stress that spare room (which has become a dumping ground) is causing.  Imagine if you had a clear-out in there and created a beautiful space that allowed you to invite friends & family to visit more often.  Wouldn’t that make it worth the effort?

Bath and candles

Let’s not underestimate how much of a difference even the smallest of changes can make to our mindset and our sense of general wellbeing.  You will notice that you start to think a little bit better & more clearly.  And when you are feeling a little bit better, you show up a little bit better and consequently – you get better results. 



In an environment of ‘same old, same old’ we wake up thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same way, doing the same things, getting our coffee, putting on the same clothes, driving to work in the same way, hanging out with the same people, doing the same things repeatedly, coming home, eating the same foods.



And then we wonder why we feel ‘stuck’.
We wonder why life feels so hard. 
We wonder why it feels so hard to change. 



But make some small changes to your environment and you will be surprised at how quickly it also changes your mood.  With a few inexpensive changes, we can create an environment that inspires creativity.



What can you do right now to up-level your environment and create a more vibrant life?



I’d love for you to share with me, the action you have decided to take.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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