During the last update, we talked about PATTERNS.


The patterns of behaviour we adopt and practice daily.


Some good, some bad, some conscious, some unconscious, some learned as a young child, others developed much later in life.

Linda Thomson in New York City



And I even went so far as to state that if you want to know what patterns exist in your life today then you should start to examine your current circumstances – because the life you are experiencing right now, reflects those patterns (good & bad) that you practice every day.



But what happens when you start to make changes?



Things can get really uncomfortable – right?



It’s not a great feeling, let’s be honest.  And it’s one of the main reasons why many of us –  when we decide to make a change to our lives, may give up fairly easily.  We don’t enjoy the feeling of discomfort.



But the more we allow ourselves to feel uncomfortable, the more we choose to put ourselves out there, to try new things and be willing to fail, the more successful we will be.



If you want to achieve more, you have to become more, and that means you will – most likely, have to experience more discomfort.



Change is hard – I’m not immune!  And it is hugely uncomfortable to risk failure or rejection.  But the only way that we can evolve and grow is by overcoming the reaction that our brain has even as we think about stepping outside of our comfort zone.



So here’s what I want to talk about.  I want to talk about your future and to ask an important question.  Which scares you more?



The fear of change or the fear of staying the same?



1. The fear of change
Discomfort is the currency of dreams – you must experience it to evolve and grow, to be in unfamiliar situations, to learn new things, and to experience a shift in identity.  It will be uncomfortable at first – of course it will, because you are trying something new and unfamiliar – but keep at it and soon the discomfort will ease.


Don’t you remember your first driving lesson?



2. The fear of staying the same
Then there is the feeling of discomfort that comes from staying the same. Of not evolving, not growing and not pursuing your dreams. Not allowing yourself to be who you are meant to be – the best possible version of you.


This is when you may start to experience that nagging feeling that you are ‘stuck’ – lacking a sense of fulfilment in your life.


Have you ever considered how your life will be if you continue on the same path for another 3-5 years (without making changes)?

One of the things that I encourage my clients to do is to lean into the discomfort.  Instead of trying to avoid it, to bypass it or detour around it – move right into it. For the better you get at being uncomfortable, the better you get at everything.



But how do any of us get good at discomfort?
Only by doing it.  And by being uncomfortable.



Think about it – if the worst that can happen as we pursue our life goals is an uncomfortable emotional reaction, then what’s the big deal?  It’s only temporary.  And so what if we miss the mark? Or don’t quite achieve that big goal in the timeframe we set, we may feel slightly disappointed – sure – but we have given it our all and can be happy that we took the risk and put ourselves out there.



And we can feel proud of the person that we became in the process.



What’s the alternative?  Never trying?  Staying locked inside the cage in your own head?



I encourage you to look at your own life and make the right choice.

Ocean with lady

You can be sure of one thing though..



The discomfort of stagnation never changes. You will never experience growth from this place.



However, the alternative is always new, is always exciting, is always different.  Because you are growing.  You are evolving. You know exactly where you are headed.   And you understand that if you want to change the outcome and to create a different experience of life, then you must change the habits/patterns that you practice every day.



But you can do that in even the smallest of steps.



I am with you every step of the way.



You got this 💜

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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