Well it’s been a few days since it ended but I must say – I am STILL basking in the glow of appreciation of our wonderful Queen following the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.



Did you see any of the coverage?

Jubilee concert

What a woman.  What an Event.  And what a Legacy. And that performance with Paddington Bear… I mean really!



I loved everything about it.  And I have so much respect for our Queen and for all that she has done (and continues to do) for the UK.



It was great to see such an outpouring of love and respect, and it was clear from her last (very brief) step on to the balcony, that even she was touched by the response from the nation.



Just wonderful.  Oh, and the sun was shining here in Scotland too so that always lifts the mood!



But now…  back to work.



Last time, I shared with you, my commitment to effect a RESET starting 01 June, and it is now well underway.  In fact, I got a little head-start (beginning the process at the end of May) and I know it’s just a few weeks in, but I feel really positive, very committed, and excited for the future.



The time invested in the Unleash Her Power Within Masterclass, motivated and inspired me to revisit my list of goals for the year and to re-evaluate my priorities.



In fact, more than that – the class challenged me to uplevel in key areas of my life and set some new, more ambitious goals.



During the masterclass, much emphasis was placed on the subject of PATTERNS. The patterns of behaviour that we each adopt in life. Some conscious, some unconscious, some learned as a young child, some adopted much later in life.



If you want to know what patterns are serving you, then you must get really honest with yourself and understand that the life you are experiencing today is a reflection of the patterns (good & bad) that you practice every day.



And of course, if you want to change the outcome and to create a different experience of life, then you may have to make a few changes and adopt some new (more supportive) patterns of behaviour.



Needless to say, I have been looking more closely at the patterns (read bad habits) that have been holding me back from achieving my goals so far.



You can do this too.  But I suggest that, instead of getting all hung up on what may have been holding you back, let’s just reframe for a second and think of it in this way.



What do you want from life?
If I handed you a sharpie pen and asked you to detail for me your ‘perfect’ life – how would it look?  What would be different versus your life today?
What is it that would make you wake up each day and leap out of bed?
Write down the vision of your perfect life in as much detail as you can muster.



CLARITY is power, so now that you are more clear on what it is that would make you feel happier and more fulfilled, ask yourself – WHO do I need to BECOME in order to achieve this?  What are the patterns of behaviour that I might observe if I met someone who was living this life already?



Write those down.



Now it could be something as simple as switching off reality TV and investing more time in inspiring and motivating podcasts.



It may be something else.  Saving 20% of your monthly income towards a specific goal?  Introducing exercise in order to improve your health?



Write down 3 things. 
3 habits/behaviours that the person already living this lifestyle may adopt.



Now – adopt them (the habits).



I know, I know – it’s not quite that straightforward is it? If it was, everyone would be living their dream lives – right?



The thing about patterns is that we repeat them frequently.
And when we make a decision to change them, our subconscious mind gets all resistant and tries to pull us back into line.  So, we have to make a commitment to the new habit.  We have to really DECIDE to make the change and to cut off all other possibility. And it may feel hard.  It may feel ‘icky’, it might make you feel really uncomfortable.



Let’s just imagine a scenario for a second…



On which wrist do you wear your watch?
Suppose, I ask you – starting today to remove your watch from your wrist and switch to the opposite arm.



Day 1 it would feel really uncomfortable and you might even struggle with the clasp.



Day 2 it still feels uncomfortable.  Perhaps a bit clumsy.



Day 3 you forget that you had even decided to switch the habit and revert to ‘normal’.



Day 4 start again.



By day 7 or 8, it may still feel a little weird, but you don’t have so much of a problem with the clasp.



By day 12, no problem.  It may still feel a little unnatural (Let’s be honest, you have lived with this habit for 30,40,50 years).



By day 14, ok got it.  Now what..

drawing of pen and paper

I’m not asking you specifically to switch your watch over, I use this only as an example to illustrate the point.  Whatever change you decide to make, you can be sure you will experience some resistance.  Know that this is normal.  But persevere and in 1-2 weeks, it will already feel much easier.



In 2 months.  Easy.



And when you start to witness the improvements in your experience of life, well there will be no holding you back.



Just remember that in every moment we have a choice.



And when something comes up that challenges your resolve, YOU get to decide. Will I choose to respond as the person I have BEEN to date?
Or will I choose to respond as the person I am BECOMING.



The more we choose the latter, then the easier it will become.
And soon, those new habits will deliver a different outcome.
Let’s push past the resistance and the discomfort and do this together.



Change begins the moment you DECIDE. Truly decide.



Choose wisely.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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