This week, I am writing to you from the ‘Lake District’ here in the UK.


I mean they call it the ‘Lake District’ but in my humble opinion, that’s a little misleading!  There are lakes of course, but also mountains, valleys and rolling hills 🤣. And there are lots of walkers (and their pet dogs).


Jokes aside – it really is quite spectacular.

Linda Thomson

I’ve been reunited with an old friend on my adventures this week and the topics discussed have been wide and varied!  But one element of the conversation I would like to share with you is about what it means to be yourself.  And by that, I’m not talking about being alone, or being by yourself – I am talking about BEING yourself. 



You see, in a world that is so judgemental, and that pressures us all to conform – one of the biggest challenges we face, is to be ourselves.



There is no denying it.  BEING YOURSELF and embracing who you truly are – takes courage, because it demands that you are brave enough to reveal yourself fully – sharing your uniqueness, your individuality, your flaws, insecurities, your beauty, your cravings, and your passions.



When you can be Yourself, you have nothing to hide, and you feel comfortable sharing openly about yourself, you don’t need to put energy into keeping things secret from others.



Nor do you need to hide any parts of yourself that you feel aren’t so attractive or that you struggle to improve, because you are not concerned with impressing them; your only mission is being true to who you are and sharing that version with those around you.



You see – if we don’t take the risk and step out from behind the masks that protects us from the world, then we run an even greater risk.  We run the risk of spending our whole life trying to be someone we are not – while depriving others of what makes us most attractive to them – ourselves!



Only by becoming aware of the ways in which you currently ‘hide’ your truth from others, can you begin looking for the exit door to freedom and to become fully yourself in the world.

Ocean with lady

And let’s be honest – you are most attractive when you are Yourself. The sense of ease you feel inside, helps puts those around you at ease too.  You can own your beauty, your intelligence, and all the idiosyncrasies of your personality without needing to prove or deny any aspect of who you are.  Being comfortable in your own skin, you radiate freedom, positive energy, and your love of life to those you encounter.  You share your natural beauty with the world, not because you are vain, but because it is part of who you are.



Find your courage and be the jewel in your own life.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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