Every Saturday, I get to spend the day with my gorgeous nephew Logan.  That’s him on the right 💖


Rather than spending the day indoors – head buried in a gadget, we like to seek out new places to visit – places where he can get active and have some fun.


Last weekend, we discovered Fun Street in Glasgow.

woman with small boy


The routine is fairly standard.  We get inside, decide where to sit, then soon as that decision is made, shoes and jacket are off and Logan has rushed off to explore the venue – leaving me behind with a coffee.



Saturday was no different.



This week, whilst he was busy checking out the slides, I found myself chatting to a couple of different women in the small café.



The first one (who assumed I must be Logan’s gran 😣) shared her preferences on shopping malls – she only likes those which have a Pound-Shop in.  I on the other hand only like those which don’t!   We shared likes/dislikes over the next 20 mins and had a good laugh at our differences.



The other was a young mum.  She had a toddler in the soft play area and a little baby in a pram. We had been chatting (across the tables) off/on for a few minutes when the baby started crying.  Really crying.  As the young mum, dipped into the pram and scooped the baby into her arms to calm her,  she turned to me and said “She’s already a Diva”.



How old is she? I asked.



10 weeks.



10 weeks old …. and already a Diva 😌



Now let’s not forget, I’m still riding high on my experience of the Tony Robbins event and the lessons on Conscious Language, and Identity are still uppermost in my thoughts.



This was a classic example of how we (can) become who we are ‘conditioned’ to be.



The baby is 10 weeks old and her mum is already using the language –  ‘already a Diva’. How about when she is going through the ‘terrible twos’ – will she still be a Diva? And when she wants to wear her ballerina skirt for a trip to the dentist – still a Diva?



Then what?



As children, everything we learn, comes from those around us.
We hear the same messages over and over again and we ‘assume’ them to be true.



Pretty harmless perhaps when the story is about Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, but what if the repeating message is “She has always been a Diva”.



Somewhat more damaging, don’t you think?



Will that little girl of 10 weeks grow up in the belief that she has ‘always been a Diva’? How will this define her in adulthood?

Record Player

Today I invite you to consider your own thoughts and beliefs.



TO challenge those beliefs and trust what you KNOW to be true, not what you were conditioned to believe.



Begin the practice of regularly noticing what that voice in your head is saying about you or your capabilities.



You will soon become aware that your mind loves to re-play the same old soundtrack. “I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m too old, I’ll never be able to make that happen or even I’ve always been a Diva”.



Choose a new soundtrack to your life.



Be your own coach and take responsibility for your thoughts.  They will shape your world, and if you are serious about creating a life that is the truest expression of who you are, then there are no shortcuts.



Consider that every one of us, regardless of anything that has happened in our life up until this point, can decide today on the kind of person we are going to be, and we can start over.



We can re-write the lyrics to our own life.



Taking responsibility for our lives by having the courage to take responsibility for our thoughts, is a very powerful first step to freedom.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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