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Last week I participated in a 5-Day Challenge with Tony Robbins and as I write, am still basking in the glow – feeling fantastic.


My energy levels have rocketed!

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I used to listen to one of his programmes – ‘Awaken the Giant within’ during my 20s and 30s but haven’t followed him much in recent years. So when my friend told me about the challenge, I was curious to see whether his work would still resonate.  I signed up…



As did 800K other people in 195 countries around the world.



Can you imagine?   One man – in the basement of his home … motivating and inspiring 800K people in a virtual event?



There were so many great lessons and insights in the Programme, but the one thing that really stood out, is just how much our ENERGY level impacts all areas of our life.



Standing back and looking honestly at my own situation, I willingly acknowledge that whilst I have declared many times that maintaining my energy is a priority, I have made much less effort during the dark months of winter, and the impact is noticeable.  It is evident in the choices I make – what I eat, what I watch on TV, how I allocate my time, how I move (or don’t) my body and even in the language that I use every day.



And so this week, I wanted to revisit a message that I have shared with you before – but this time, with a renewed sense of energy and an even greater belief in it’s impact.



Commit to FEELING GOOD every day.



It’s easier said than done,  I know… so here’s a few tips to help shift your energy when you notice that your levels have dropped. 



  • Sleep well & wake up positive
    Be sure to get a good night’s sleep. 
    Turning off all electronic devices at least one hour before bed, will help you get a more restful night. 

    Most people wake up to the shrill of the alarm, stumble out of bed, sit in an office for eight hours, come home, eat dinner, watch television, and pass out.  That is NOT living!  It is EXISTING. 
    Create a better routine to start your day. 



  • Conscious Language
    Become more aware of the words you use each and every day.   
    Our words shape the way we think and feel.  How we feel determines what we do.  And of course, what we DO determines whether we get results or not.

    Pay attention. 



  • Get moving
    Whether it’s dancing, walking, running or hula-hooping, get your body moving. This is such a powerful way to change your state.



  • Conscious Consumption 
    Become more aware of the information you consume during the day and notice how it makes you feel.  How do you feel after watching the news?  And of course, we have all experienced how easy it is to pop online for 5 minutes and then find yourself still there, scrolling mindlessly one hour later. 

    Take back your power.  Switch off the notifications and allow 2 or 3 x 15-minute slots per day where you go check on your social media sites – but get back out before you are led down the rabbit hole of negativity.



  • Connect
    When feeling low, one of the fastest ways to pick yourself up is to connect with the people who inspire and energize you.  So, call that friend and re-connect.



  • Music
    Music is a great way to change our energy and get back into a space of high vibration.   You know the song that comes on the radio when you are driving and you just can’t help but move or sing along?…  Find it now on iTunes or Spotify and download it to your phone.  And while you are at it, why not create a playlist of similar/high energy music.  Create a soundtrack of your favourite singalong songs and dance the blues away.  

    Notice how quickly your energy shifts and consequently your mood improves.

Ocean with lady
  • Learn Something New
    There are so many resources on-line now; you could learn to cook, you could learn to write poetry, learn a new language, yoga, in fact – anything.  After my date with Tony, I’m inspired to learn more about the power of the mind.



  • Read a book or watch a movie
    Both have the power to transport us to another world and to provide an alternate perspective far removed from our own.



  • Journal
    Write down your feelings.
    Often, simply becoming aware of what we’re feeling helps prevent us from being consumed by them.  Even if you feel powerless to break out of a funk, just admitting to yourself can limit the impact and bring it to a close.



If you have any additional tips, I’d love for you to share them in the comments below.

x Live, Love, Sparkle x

Love Linda

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