Happy New Year 🍾


First up, a reminder.  Yesterday was the twelfth day of Christmas so if you haven’t taken down your tree and decorations yet, stop reading and go do it now.  Put everything away until next year 🎄


Nice work!

Linda Thomson in New York City


Last time, I recommended that you choose something to leave behind in 2021, anything that drains your energy or causes you distress.  Perhaps it’s a person or relationship that has run its course, a bad habit or a tendency towards negative thinking.   Whatever it is that is causing you physical or emotional distress and preventing you from living your very best life, let it go and experience the freedom that doing so brings.



For those of you who would also like to commit to making a positive change in 2022 but perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the size of the task, I’m here to help.   Particularly for those who have put something off for too long and are ready now to turn your dreams into a plan.



This is a simple tip – which drives momentum through the practice of consistent daily action. Adopt this new habit and I promise that you will make huge progress through the year.  And what a great way to get the year off to the best possible start.



Here goes:



1. Write down the ONE thing that you would love to have achieved by the end of 2022. Go on, let yourself go.  Dream BIG! Maybe it’s to lose weight, move to a new home, find a brilliant new job, get married, travel. Whatever it is for you. Write it down.



2. Now write a list of 10 ‘tasks or activities’ that you would have to undertake in order to make this happen. Don’t be overwhelmed… just write down the first 10 things that come to mind. They don’t need to be in any kind of order, just 10 things that need to be completed.



3. Prepare a 15-minute playlist of your favourite tunes.



Press PLAY on your playlist and devote 15 minutes per day to the first item on your list in 2 above. 15 minutes every day until the first task is complete. When it’s done, you move on to the next item. Now – notice, it’s no longer a ‘dream’ – it’s a plan.



5. Invest 15 minutes per day CONSISTENTLY.
One phone call, 15 minutes invested in learning a new language, 15 minutes to de-clutter your home in preparation for sale.  15 minutes to update your CV in preparation for your new role.


You see, the moment that you begin to take action (even 15 minutes of action) then you will be one step closer to bringing your dream to life.



By the end of each month, you will have invested 7.5 hours.



By the end of the year, more than 90 hours.
Just think about that!  That equates to 2 full/working weeks.



2 full working weeks invested in YOUR dream.



Don’t let another year slip by.




Typewriter with words fresh start chapter one

Now before signing off this week, I wanted to share with you some changes that have been going on over here at The Diamond Life Project.



I am forever encouraging you all to make more time to do the things you love and whilst I live by that rule – to some degree – I have decided to take things one step further.



You see, I love travel and photography.  And whilst I make time for both of those things in my current lifestyle, I do so at times with feelings of guilt.  “I shouldn’t be on a road trip in the middle of the week, I should be back at my desk…. working”.



Well, I don’t want to live with the guilt anymore and so I have decided that doing MORE of what I love is my new years resolution and because I chose to leave all feelings of guilt behind in 2021, I’m going to spend much more time travelling and taking photos, writing about my adventures and sharing stories with you along the way.



So from here on in, you might expect to see less in the way of motivational/inspirational type posts and more travel and storytelling.  I will still offer my coaching service of course, but in terms of writing and posting on Instagram etc, I intend to focus much more on my adventures at home and abroad.  The good and the bad, serious and ridiculous!



So let’s all pray that the world does open up again in 2022 so that I can get back out there and start travelling.  In the meantime, I am happy to explore the more local surroundings here in Scotland.  



What will you change?

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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