Having realised (a few weeks ago) that there were only 3 months left of the year, I had to stand up and take responsibility.  I have let things slide.


There are a number of tasks that have been outstanding for a loooooooong time now and since I moved into my new place in June, all work seems to have halted in regard to turning my new house into a home.  Creating my ‘sanctuary’.

coffee with a love heart in the middle

So I went back to my ‘old’ way of working and I made a list.  A very long TO-DO list.  Of all the things that I want to complete before the end of 2021.  And I have spent the last few weeks diligently working through it – determined to start the new year with a clean slate and an abundance of energy.



There’s business stuff, there’s home stuff, there’s decluttering… all sorts.  Plenty to keep me busy through the dark winter nights here in Scotland.



And how about you?  Have you given any thought to what you would like to bring to completion in the last few months of the year?  If not yet, maybe you should?   Only 2 months left now!  You probably had some idea at the start of the year of things that you might like to achieve?  How about starting there.  What have you completed already, what is still outstanding – and is it still important?  If it is, then perhaps you could schedule some time to complete… or at least make some progress before the year end.  I’m sure with a degree of commitment and focus, we will each find ourselves in a great position to start 2022.



And if like me, you have a number of items on the list that ought to have been completed by now, don’t be too hard on yourself.  There’s no denying that since the start of the pandemic around March 2020, things have been very strange.  With so much uncertainty, it’s been way more difficult to plan and personally, I’ve found it more challenging to maintain any kind of routine.  At times I’ve felt bored, other times lonely, and maybe even a bit scared – wondering when things will ever return to ‘normal’. 



So get writing.  What are the tasks outstanding that you would like to complete before the year end?  Just writing them down and making a commitment to ‘progress’ will catapult you towards success.  You got this.



As for me, well aside from reverting to a TO-DO list, I did something else recently, that kind of confirmed to me that things (at least in my life) are starting to return to some kind of ‘normal’.  And that Bridget Jones is very much alive and well –  and living in Lanarkshire.

white to-do list open on a table with a pen and dried flowers

I’ve been decluttering in my new home and I had decided that it was time to take some things to the charity shop.  The town centre is not far from me and normally I would walk, but because I had quite a few items to drop off, I decided this time I would drive.  I had spoken to the lady at the shop and she had informed me that I could bring the car right up to the back door of the shop and hand them over there.  Perfect.



So I got in the car and followed her instructions.  After dropping the items off, I decided I would park in the little car park nearby and head to my usual spot on the high street for a coffee.  Which I duly did.



Later, after returning home and working on some business admin, I headed to the kitchen to prepare dinner.  As I glanced out of the window, I realised my car was gone.



What?  Shit! Someone has stolen my car.  Oh wait… has it rolled?  A quick check out the door confirmed my car was nowhere to be seen.  Momentary panic.  What do you do?  I’ve never had my car stolen before.  Who should I call?



Wait.  Slow down Linda.  Breathe.  Was it there this morning when you woke up?  When did you last drive it? 



Oh yes, I drove it to take the items to the charity store.



Uuugh oh!  I left it there, forgot about it.  Walked home after coffee.



I quickly put on my shoes and raced down the street.  Only to find my car exactly where I left it about 3 hours earlier. 



An easy mistake – right?  I’ve read stories about parents leaving their kids behind…. Surely I’m not the first person to head back home and leave my car behind? 



Or maybe I am.



PM to book if you are ready for a coaching session with Bridget Jones.



And don’t take life too seriously.  Laughter is good for the soul!

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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