This week, I have been working on something that I haven’t done in a while.  I’ve been writing a
TO-DO list.  I used to live by my TO-DO lists in my corporate career but since I started working for myself, not so much. 



But with only 3 months left of the year, I have been preparing a (long) list of all the things that I intend to complete in order to start 2022 with a clean slate.  And I was going to talk about that today, but I’ve had a change of heart.  I think there is something more pressing right now that needs our attention.

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Here in the UK, just as things do start to return to some degree of ‘normal’, we are hearing about loss of jobs as the furlough scheme comes to an end, shortage of HGV drivers impacting the supply chain, recent challenges around the supply of fuel to petrol stations, and a dramatic increase in wholesale gas prices expected to impact us all through the winter.   A ‘perfect storm’ you might say.  And it doesn’t seem like the challenges will abate any time soon, so I think it hugely important that we all make an extra effort to protect our energy over the coming months.  With the cold weather, the dark winter nights and a constant stream of negativity from the news, it is absolutely critical that we protect our energy and make FEELING GOOD a priority.  



So what can we do?  What steps can we take in order to protect our energy and make FEELING GOOD a priority through the challenging months to come?



Well, there are many – choose those that work best for you.



Exercise is not only good for the body, but also the mind.  And yes, I admit, this is not my favourite thing in the world, but even going for a simple walk has been shown to increase serotonin levels and lift people’s mood for hours afterwards.  I moved home earlier this year, so I have been walking locally – getting to know the area a bit better.  And I love to listen to an audiobook or podcast as I walk.  Have you tried listening to audiobooks or podcasts?  It’s an excellent way to take your mind off the fact that you are exercising… if (like me) you feel the need to block it out!



Journal Daily
Get out one of those empty notebooks I know that you have stored away at home and start writing a journal.  If this is not something that you practice already, then I promise you it will serve you positively over the coming months.  


Not sure what to write?


Start with 10 things that you feel grateful for.


Right now.  Despite everything, we are hearing on the news?  


What are you grateful for?


It is not possible to be fearful and thankful at the same time.  So, focus on being thankful and set yourself up for a more positive start each day.



Conscious Consumption 
I highly recommend that you become very aware of the type of information that you consume each day.  There is so much ‘scaremongering’ at the moment.  So much doom and gloom in the news. And lots of resentment about the way many things are being handled by the government.  Take back your power.  Switch off the notifications, switch off the news and then allow 2 or 3 x 15-minute slots per day where you go check on your social media or headline news – but get back out before you are guided back down the rabbit hole of negativity.



Music 🎵
Music has the power to totally shift our sense of well-being. 
Why not put together a playlist of songs that makes you want to get up and dance and …. well, why not? …. Get up and dance!



Read a book
Dancing not for you?  Well, how about reading a book?
As you will be spending less time watching the news or scrolling social media (yes!) maybe this is a good time to start reading again.  I have so many books gifted to me over the years, and I am committed to re-igniting the pleasure from reading that I once enjoyed but rarely make time for these days.   And winter is a great time for reading don’t you think?   Close the curtains, turn on the lamp, get cosy on the couch and read to your heart’s content.  So indulgent and a great way to protect your energy from all the negativity going on outside.  



Enjoy an indulgent bubble bath
And why not?  I absolutely LOVE this way to nurture and take time for me.   You can add your favourite bath salts or oils, and maybe light a few candles.  Double up and enjoy a face mask whilst you soak.  You could even take your book in with you, or listen to some of your favourite music. It’s just such a great way to pamper yourself and can be so indulgent – but leave your iPad & phone outside!

Grace & Frankie

Stay Connected
Be sure to stay connected to those who make you feel good.  Steer well clear of the energy vampires!   Call your friends and arrange to meet in person for a coffee or a glass of wine.


But don’t allow yourself to engage in any gossip or negative chatter.  Keep it positive.  Protect your energy.



Laughter is good for the soul and such a great way to shake off any negative feelings that might be hanging around you.


What makes you laugh?  A certain TV show? (Grace & Frankie for me), stand-up comedy? A friend who also happens to be a great storyteller?  Whatever it is that makes you laugh out loud, do more of that 🤣



Prepare a photobook
Why not prepare a photobook of all your favourite moments and featuring all those that you love the most.  I use Photobox to do this, but I am sure many other providers offer a similar service.   Upload your photos and get started.


If this feels too much like ‘hard work’, then why not just print out a few of your favourite photos and update the photos around your home.


I could go on, but I think this is a good place to stop and to let you get back to your life.


Please – whichever of these you decide to implement, DO make Feeling Good a priority over the coming months.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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