Well what an adventure I had this week. Walking the trail through a field of sunflowers – all of which stood around 7ft tall. I’m not going to lie, it was incredible.  I absolutely loved it. Indeed, I have already marked it in the calendar to repeat the experience next year.  Its such a short season that I don’t want to miss it.

sunflower in a sunflower field

Funny thing is, I had never even seen a field of sunflowers until fairly recently (in Geneva) so to be able to walk right through the middle of one, felt incredible. So uplifting.



And it reminded me just how much I love to travel, discover and explore.
How passionate I feel about new adventures.



What do you feel passionate about?



What is it that lights you up?



What makes you to want to leap out of bed each morning?



If it seems like the flame inside of you has gone out, dig a little deeper.
I assure you, it hasn’t.
It may be buried right now, but it is still there.



If you start to pay greater attention to your own needs, to start putting yourself first – then you will see it for yourself.



When you make a conscious decision to live passionately every day, you will relight the flame inside of you.



When we start showing up for ourselves, that’s when our life changes and that’s when the world around us changes too.  



When we say:



  • YES I can
  • NO I’m not too old
  • YES I am prioritising my dream and I’m going to make it a non-negotiable
  • YES I’m investing in myself.
  • NO I don’t know how it’s going to work out – but I’m going to take the next steps anyway



Because one of the things that stops many of us from realizing our dreams (aside from conditioning) is that we believe we must have all the answers.  And if we don’t have those answers at the outset, then often, we won’t take the leap.  We won’t even start.  We can’t be certain that this decision is going to work out or it will be worth it.



I say DARE, I say TRY, I say DREAM.



No more settling.  Let’s all show up in a big way for our dreams.



You know that feeling when you are leaving for your holidays and no matter how early you have to wake up for your flight, you get up with a sense of childlike excitement for what lies ahead. I want you to feel that way every day.

Candle and flame

Many of the women who come to work with me, use language such as I feel ‘stuck’, I’ve lost my mojo.  I’m constantly lacking in energy. There’s no excitement in my life.



In other words, the flame of passion has gone out.



They have fallen into a mundane routine.  Settling into a life of mediocrity.



They go to work, come home, eat dinner, work some more, go to sleep, get up for work. And repeat.



There is no fun, no adventure or spontaneity, no time for anything outside of work. Just dull and repetitive.  Boring.  Soul-less.



There’s no fire, no passion.



So many women have shut away their dreams, they feel they must accept that this is as good as it gets. Many assume that it is too late now to make any major changes.



Trust me, when I tell you – you are NOT too old, and it is NEVER too late.



So let me ask you again – what are you passionate about?



What is holding you back from making the changes in your life?



Stop asking yourself the question – what if it doesn’t work out?
And instead, ask yourself a new question.  How CAN I make this work?   How can I turn this dream into a plan?



DECIDE to make it happen no matter what.



You see the word ‘decide’ actually means ‘to cut’ – and when you decide to make changes and bring your dreams to life, you get to cut off any other possibilities. You commit to making ‘realizing your dream’ your non-negotiable.



Every decision you make from here on in should move you one step closer.



So what are you waiting for??



Need some help getting clear on your vision or keeping on track?



Check out my new Programmes.  I’d LOVE to help you bring your dream to life.



You got this 💎

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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