Do you sometimes feel ‘stuck’?
Or frustrated that things aren’t moving forward in the way or at the pace you would like?


YES?  Well don’t worry, because you are not alone.


Feeling this way is perfectly normal.


The question is, how to deal with it?

Linda Thomson

Because how you deal with feelings of fear, insecurity and overwhelm, will determine your ability to feel more confident and connected with yourself.



You can take yourself down with your negative thinking faster than any enemy can. Your inner critic can kill your energy, your passion and drive like nothing else.  And when that happens, it becomes impossible to think clearly, so naturally it’s going to be very difficult to find rational solutions to your problems.  Plus, the courage and determination you need to move forward – stays away.



Your negative thinking patterns can seduce you into doubting your own potential and trick you into ‘playing it safe’.  Rather than supporting yourself, your inner critic tells you that nobody cares, that you are not good enough and it’s best if you keep your head down in case anyone notices your weaknesses.



But here’s the truth.



It’s all a lie.



I am here to remind you that you are NOT your negative thoughts.
They are just a tiny part of who you are, and you must not let this tiny part of you control ALL of you.



You deserve better.  You deserve to treat yourself with love & respect.



So, decide to take back your power and set a new tone for how YOU speak to you. Don’t allow any inner bullying.



Make a decision to fully accept yourself, to love yourself, and keep moving forward with kindness and compassion.



If you want to fly, then you must STOP taking yourself down.



Whatever rut you may find yourself in right now, see it as an opportunity to RESET, rethink your situation and put things right.  Because every situation you find yourself in, is an opportunity for you to learn & grow. Even if things in your life don’t appear to be going the way you want, you can ask yourself – what can I learn from this situation?



You can choose to be your own biggest supporter or your biggest critic.
And you must understand – it is a choice. You can choose to dismiss the drama and re-align to the life you imagine.



You see, we humans tend to wait for permission.  Or we think we must wait for the perfect circumstances to fall into place.  And while we wait, we feel pain and frustration.  Because it’s in the waiting game that pain and negative thinking starts to appear.



Before you know it, you are trapped in a cycle of self-criticism – waiting for approval from your surroundings.



But you are meant to thrive and expand.  Not to stay small and scared. 
You are meant to dive fully into what this incredible journey has to offer you.



The resources you have within you – your passions, your talents and desires, are meant to be revealed.  Your purpose is to share these resources with the world rather than play it safe and remain within your comfort zone.



You are meant for great things, but first you must give yourself permission to shine and live your full potential.  Give yourself permission and you will see who you truly are.  A magnificent being who is always worthy of love no matter how often you fall or fail.

Ocean with lady

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s that life is fragile and our time on this earth is limited, so you owe it to yourself to live your best life. 



Go ahead, start today.  Make a promise to yourself to move past your negative thoughts.  Let go of all worries and step fully into the world with greatness and courage. 



Regardless of how you view yourself, regardless of your past experiences or your personal story, you can start afresh today.  The past has gone – and besides, your past does not have to define your future. In every moment of every day, you can make a new decision about who you want to be and about how you want to show up for yourself. 



Go ahead and show the world you light.
Stop waiting for the stars to align.
Your time is now.
And if you want to fly, you have to stop taking yourself down.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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