Recently, it struck me (not for the first time) just how different my life is these days – compared to all those years spent nurturing my corporate career. 



Now don’t get me wrong, I loved my job – and I got to experience the most amazing adventures and opportunities – but after more than 25 years, I was ready for something different. 



In my corporate days, I would wake up each morning to the shrill of the alarm, stumble out of bed and fall into the shower, allowing the weight of the water on my face and body to wake me up more fully. 

Fairy statue in garden


Then after getting dressed and drying my hair, I would head downstairs, pour a cup of tea and quickly prepare breakfast (whilst scrolling through the 100 or so emails that had arrived overnight).  I would then fill another mug of tea to drink en-route to the office.  Thus arriving at work less than an hour from wake-up time – all set and ‘ready to go’.



Tuesday morning this week, reminded me just how different things are now.



I woke up just before 6am – with no alarm – and after a very leisurely start to the day, I decided – as it was bright & sunny, I would head to the park with my journal.



After some writing, I decided to take a walk and suddenly found myself in this little magic kingdom. No – that’s not an analogy, I really did end up in this little magical fairy dell.



Seriously – there are days I wonder how I ever got to be this lucky.



But then I realise, it’s not really down to luck is it?



For the best way to predict your future is to CREATE IT and I spend a lot of time in ‘creation’ mode.



Are you ready to create your future?
Do you have a vision for the life you wish to lead?



Maybe you know in your heart what you want to do but don’t quite know how to make it happen? Or perhaps you feel like it’s too late to start over or go after your dreams (not true).



Honestly, we all could use a little more alignment in our lives.



It’s so easy to get caught up in the expectations of others or the pressures that we put on ourselves. But the truth is, our souls will always lead us down the right path.  We just have to be willing to follow.



If you have been struggling to make an important decision, then instead of asking ‘What should I do?  Try asking – how do I want to feel? And what is the decision that will most likely lead to that feeling?  Even if it is not immediate.



Sometimes when we think about our personal goals, the ‘scale’ of the task can seem quite overwhelming, and so we never make a start.

Create your future

What is YOUR dream?  What would you like to be celebrating 12 months from now?



You don’t know?  Well, think about it.  Because this is YOUR life.



OWN it 💎



Get clear on how would you like your life to look and how you want to FEEL?  



Now – set the intention.  



“THIS is how I will feel, and these are the changes I will make”.



Next – map out the first 10 steps.



Then do something every day to move you towards your goal.



One phone call, one 15-minute language lesson, 15 minutes spent updating your CV, 15 minutes per day learning a new skill, or clearing out at home in preparation for the sale.    By the end of each month, you will have invested more than 7 hours in you and your goals.   In one year, close to 100 hours (at 15 mins per day).



Start NOW.   Start TODAY.   15 minutes.   Your very own ‘Magic Kingdom’ awaits.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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