I’ve seen a lot of posts recently about returning to ‘normal’ after the pandemic.



Well, what if we chose NOT to return to ‘normal’?
And by that, I mean, returning to a way of life almost identical to the one we had before.



What if we chose instead to create a ‘new normal’?

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Taking all we have learned whilst in lockdown to design a life that we LOVE. By reflecting on our personal experience during the restrictions and acknowledging what we liked about it and what we didn’t.



  • The people and experiences that we missed most of all.
  • The people, habits, and experiences that we didn’t miss at all – yet had previously formed part of our regular routine.
  • Noticing how much we enjoyed walking in the fresh air each day.
  • Noticing that we didn’t have to continually buy new ‘stuff’ in order to fulfil an emotional need.
  • Noticing that doing our grocery shopping on-line means we tend only to buy what we need.
  • Noticing how much pleasure we could get from spending some time alone with our thoughts, cooking, or simply reading a book whilst enjoying a face mask.



By acknowledging what we liked most and least about lockdown, we can garner some real insight into the type of life that would bring us great happiness and joy.



What if – instead of a return to ‘normal’, we took a leap of faith and stepped it up – into a new way of being in the world.  Because I happen to know that if you are here and you are committed to growth, you KNOW that you are meant for more.  Perhaps NOW is the perfect time to claim it.



Whatever challenges you are facing right now, whatever you feel a little scared by, annoyed at, depressed by or even excited about – there is an opportunity to up-level in every area of your life.



Right now, you are standing on the edge of something truly magical.  Whether you decide to take the leap or not, is up to you.



In my work as a Coach, I meet so many women who feel stuck in a job that they no longer enjoy.  A job that is sucking the life out of them – these women have come to accept that no matter how much they give, it will never be enough.



They so desperately want to do something different, something that makes them feel more alive, vibrant and inspired.  And in an environment where their contribution is appreciated.



But what?  And what if it doesn’t work out?



“What if the grass isn’t greener on the other side?”



Well what if it is?



You know that you are meant for more.  You are meant for a bigger life.



You know that you came here to LOVE life and not to settle for a life of mediocrity – working like crazy until you experience burn out.



Tell me – what scares you more?



–   Fear of change?
–   Or fear of staying the same?



For me, it is the fear of staying the same.
And the fear of a life only half-lived.



In your final days on earth, who among us wants to be wondering ‘what if’?



What if I had the courage to live my life my way?
What if I had taken that leap of faith sooner?
What if I had quit that job as soon as I realized the environment was toxic?
What if I had committed to publishing the book I started writing years ago?
What if I had spoken my mind more?
What if I had shown up as my real self?
What if I had allowed myself to experience love?
What if I had taken the risk on me?
What if I hadn’t wasted all those years in a relationship I knew from the start was wrong for me?
What if I hadn’t worried so much about what other people might say?
What if I had invested in myself and believed that I was worthy of a better life?

Take what you need

We have all spent the last 12-18 months feeling more than a little uncomfortable. But now we have grown used to the feeling – why not continue just a little longer.



But in a different way.



Let’s get uncomfortable by acknowledging where we are ‘at’ in life, and where we may have ‘settled’ for less than we deserve.



I don’t want to see you stuck in a life that you no longer belong.
I don’t want you to play small.
I don’t want you to ‘settle’ for a standard of life that is less than you deserve.



But at the same time, I don’t want you to over-reach and stretch yourself too far. I don’t want you to go wild and quit your job today just because you have a dinosaur boss.



You know the difference between edging yourself out of your comfort zone and being completely reckless.



Give yourself some credit and take a look at where you are at right now.
What is the next step for you?  The next level?



I promise you that what will keep you awake at night, is not the fear of the next step – but the fear of staying the same…… and staying ‘stuck’ in a life in which you no longer belong.  You will lie awake wondering why it is that others have been able to take the steps to live their dreams and yet you haven’t.



Change takes courage.  I’m not going to pretend otherwise.
But I also know that you have everything that you need to design a life that you love.



Of course, if you feel like you need some support along the way, then I’d be more than happy to help.  You can sign up to my 6-week Accelerator Programme for some 1:1 coaching to guide you through the process.



But you can do it without me too.



By taking a leap of faith into the next level.



Because at a certain point, you have to be there for yourself.



You don’t have to have it all figured out.
You don’t have to know how exactly you will get there.
But you do need some clarity on where you want to go. 
Of the type of life you want to live.
Think – what is the first step?



Take that step and when that is done, take the next step.



No future tripping.  Just one step at a time.



You got this 💎

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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