Greetings from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿



Yes, my London trip was short & sweet, and I am now back home in Scotland.



And as we head rapidly towards the end of May, I find myself reflecting on the year so far.



And it would be fair to say that things haven’t turned out exactly as I had planned for 2021, so I have decided to press the RESET button with effect 01 June.  Will you join me? 

shine bright like a diamond


Imagine …. waking up 12 months from now, at a new place in life and feeling more alive, vibrant, and fulfilled than you have ever done before.



Yes – go on imagine…



✨ Imagine how life could be if you said YES to your dreams

✨ Imagine how life could be if you didn’t hold yourself back, didn’t give in to the fear

✨ Imagine how life could if you were to let go of all of the excuses

✨ Imagine how life could be if you said YES to a full and fabulous life

✨ Imagine how life could be if you said YES to you



Because let’s be honest, there is no one else quite like you.
You are unique.



You were not born to hide away, feeling sad, lonely, and miserable – living behind a dimmer switch.



You were meant for so much more.
You are meant to shine.



So go ahead and be your most amazing & gorgeous self.



Choose every day to be the chandelier – not the desk lamp!
That’s a bit ‘cheesy’ I know – can you tell I just made it up?  🤣
I’m going to go one step further and even use a photo of a chandelier below too.



Just because I can.



THAT is how you say YES to yourself!



But seriously, have you ever noticed how society encourages us to play small? It has somehow taught us that we are not deserving of our dreams.
In fact, many of those I work with don’t even allow themselves to have dreams.



That feels so very sad to me.



But I am here to remind you that this is not true and that whatever ‘society’ might appear to suggest, that YOU are responsible for the quality of your own life. That you are entitled to dream.  And even more than that – you can make those dreams your reality.



When you take full responsibility for your life, then you take ownership of every part of you.



And who you are is – strong, talented, capable, smart, and gorgeous.
And that is just for starters.



You are truly unique.



No one else has your DNA, your fingerprints.
No one else has, or ever will have, your life experience, your talent, your ability to overcome challenges.



So start saying YES to you.  Start putting yourself first.



I get that maybe this is not how you were raised.
It’s certainly not how I was.  And so I do understand that putting yourself first and loving yourself may seem like an alien concept, but you can’t pour from an empty cup.



And when you start putting yourself first, then very soon you will notice how much better you feel, and then you will notice the ripple effect of all the good feeling spreading out towards all of those lucky enough to be part of your life.

Crystal Chandelier

Imagine how different life would be if you embraced your uniqueness and just said YES to life.



✨ What if you decided to love yourself, to believe in yourself, and face your fears head on.

✨ What if you decided to SEE yourself in the way that those who love you, see you.

✨ What if you decided to say YES to new experiences

✨ What if you said YES to that thing you have been putting off for months.

✨ What if you did submit the application for the new role.

✨ What if you went ahead and had that difficult conversation with the colleague who has been dis-respectful and stepping all over your boundaries.

✨ What if the best days of your life are still to come?



Let your life be so much bigger than your current routine.
If your life has become boring and mundane – you can change it.



Be willing to start dreaming again.
Ask yourself – how fabulous am I willing to let life get?
What level of passion will you allow yourself to experience?
What level of adventure are you willing to try?
How much fun are you willing to have?



Get into a place where you don’t feel bored or depressed and you are not doubting yourself, you are not lacking anything (including confidence).



Be open to what could happen if you were not so attached to the fear and the grind, forcing you to be a certain person or to do things that you no longer want to do.



What may currently be limiting your experience of joy is aligned to the degree that you choose NOT to shine your light.  Because in doing so, you are limiting yourself and not allowing your full self to be seen.



It might be a long time since someone saw all of your greatness.
It might be a long time since YOU saw it too.



So – look again.  See yourself for who you really are.



Look at all you have achieved.  Look at all of the people whose lives have been impacted by your presence.  Look at the choices you made and the amazing experiences you have enjoyed as a result.



Own it, claim it, dance with it, and say YES to the full expression of you.



Say YES to life.

Start afresh with me 01 June.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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