Greetings from London.


As I mentioned last time, lockdown rules have now been relaxed in Scotland and so we are finally permitted to travel beyond the 5-mile radius that has formed the boundary to our lives for months.


Naturally, as soon as the law was changed, I was on the move.  

Lind taking a photo in NYC

So here I am – back for a quick visit before returning to Scotland – and a more settled living experience, in a few weeks.  I will share more about that in a future issue.



Things are still quite strict in London, but I understand that the prime minister has recently announced further relaxation of the rules starting next week.  Yay!



How are things where you are?  I hope that everything is heading in the right direction and you too are now able to move around more freely.



These last 12 months have been tough.  Really tough.  And as we begin to emerge back into a ‘new normal, it’s more important than ever before, to remind ourselves of the incredible power that lies in Mastering our Mindset.   



In taking control of our thoughts.  And in breaking free of any negativity they bring. Because the stories we tell ourselves don’t just change how we FEEL – they have the power to change what we see, what we experience, and what we know to be true.



In understanding how the mind works, I sometimes think it is helpful to consider that what you see, think and believe in your head is just a movie, and when you stop engaging with it – stop believing it and responding as though everything is true – you automatically return to your default setting, which is HAPPY.



We can take this analogy even further and consider that Mastering your Mindset is like watching TV and being handed the remote control to your brain: if you don’t like what you are watching (what you are thinking) you can easily change the channel.



Experiencing a thought that makes you feel bad about yourself? Press the remote, change the channel. Choose a new one (new channel/new thought). One that offers a more supportive and inspiring narrative.



Let’s imagine for a moment that you have been resisting the digital evolution and have a left-over horror movie in your DVD collection.  But every time you watch it, it terrifies you.



It doesn’t matter whether you have had the DVD for 20 years or 20 minutes, you can throw it out and be done with it in an instant.



And we can do the same with our thinking.  Whether you have believed something about yourself for 40 years or 40 days, you can throw that thought out, be done with it and select a new, more supportive and inspiring thought.



And let’s be clear, it is much easier to change our mind – to change what is inside of us, than it is to change the world around us.   In fact, we don’t need to change the world outside, when we can so effortlessly change the way we perceive the world out there, and in doing so change ‘our’ world instantly.

person holding remote control choosing tv shows

All human behaviour is a product of the state of mind we are in at the time.  The difference between being in a ‘right state’ and ‘the right state’ lies inside your head.



Whilst change in the world of form and physics takes time and effort, in the world of thought and mind, we are only ever one new thought away from being OK.



And we can actually change our minds very quickly indeed.  Sure, we might procrastinate and put it off for a while.  We might think about it a lot, even tell ourselves stories about it, and find evidence to support our limiting beliefs.



We might endlessly chat it over with friends, but when it comes down to it, we change our minds in a heartbeat, and in exactly the same way – natural, permanent and effective change also happens fast, just like that.



Remember – it is your thoughts that drive your feelings, and those feelings which will dictate your actions in any given moment.



So, if you really want to understand what you are thinking right now, just notice how you are FEELING.



Change happens the moment YOU decide.



And you have the power to decide right here, right now.



Imagine how much your life can change when you get out of your own way and start to live up to your fullest potential.



FREEDOM is only ever a thought away. And YOU have the power to change your thoughts.

Right here, right now.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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