Well… how did it go?  Did you take some time to cleanse your thoughts as recommended in the last blog post?  I hope so, and if you did, I expect that you are already feeling better for it.



I invite you now to stop for a moment – PAUSE and take a look at your living space.



Right now.



Take a look around.
What does your environment say about you??
Is it messy and out of control?
Or is it spotlessly clean, tidy and well organized but lacking personality?
Are there things you could do to improve your space?

Linda in hotel


When your home is cluttered, your mind can become cluttered too.  Not to mention the frustration experienced when you are desperately searching for your car keys or an important document and can’t find them among all the ‘stuff’.



To really say YES to yourself, you need to let go of chronic ‘busyness’, clutter, unfinished projects, negative behaviour (such as gossip), and filling up your life with social media and reality TV.



To really say YES to yourself, you need to clear your environment and move forward with clarity.



Our lives are meant to be simple.   Our intuition and our creativity thrive when given freedom and space.  And each moment we ignore the reasons why we hold on to things we no longer want or need, those things rob us of energy, health, and clarity.



But you can let go.  And when you do – when you let go of the old ‘stuff’ which is currently taking up time, space and energy in your life, you get to free up space for all of the AMAZING new things that are coming your way.



Clearing out your home is the first place to start when you want to experience real changes in attitude and improvement in your wellbeing.   If you find things sitting around that serve no purpose, or you’ve forgotten they even exist, it is time to let them go.



To live a cleaner and more organized life, try to adopt the mindset ‘less is more’.  In a world so over-saturated with stuff, many are now waking up to the benefit of having, spending, and needing less.



Don’t be intimidated by thinking of this ‘cutting down’ in negative terms. You don’t have to live with less in your life, you’re choosing to free yourself from all of the excess ‘stuff’.   And there is no need to become overwhelmed.   Start small – by decluttering just one room – say, the bedroom for example – and see just how much calmer you feel when you spend time in there in your newly organised space.



Without going overboard, dress your home with items that bring you joy or serve a true purpose.  You’ll find yourself much happier in a clean and organized space.



Once your home life and your work life are physically cleaned out and minimized, your mind will be at ease.



Let’s be honest.  The world can be a stressful place to be.  People experience stress around their careers, their finances, family relationships, social media and in many other areas of their lives.  So when we leave that behind and come home, we want to feel like we are entering a sanctuary – safe from the demands of everyday life.

grey bedroom

Let me ask you this… Does your home feel like a sanctuary?



If you have a cluttered, poorly decorated, or somewhat disorganized living space, home relaxation can be virtually impossible.  So why not start today – start small.  Choose to start in one room, or (if that feels to big a task) – one specific area of the room and then you can make a concerted effort to work through the rest over time.



There are so many benefits to clearing up your living space.  Let me summarise just a few of them:



💕      It will decrease your stress and anxiety levels 
Clutter causes stress.  The more “stuff” we have piling up in front of us, the more reminders we have of all the things we need to do.


Seeing large piles of dishes, unfolded clothes or hundreds of unread emails in your in-box will add to your anxiety and stress. Clear up your space and you’ll clear up your mind.



💕       You’ll feel physically healthier
Once you clean up your environment, you’ll start feeling better both physically and emotionally.



💕      Your productivity will improve
Clutter increases the opportunities for distraction. Whether it’s an electronic device or mountains of paperwork, these things should be properly put in their place.  You’ll notice it’s much easier to work productively when your space is clean and organized.


Start by re-evaluating the necessities of your home and ditch the items you should have gotten rid of a long time ago.  Like all those clothes in the wardrobe that no longer fit.  You can’t wear them until you lose the weight etc.  How about you get rid of them and replace them with a few statement pieces that make you feel fabulous TODAY!



If you commit to this process, you will see life start opening up for you, you will see your attitude shift, you will feel lighter, clearer, and more focused. You will feel an excited energy returning for what’s next and be conscious of what you have let go of.



Let me know how you get on.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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