How are you?


Feeling blue?  Well, don’t be surprised, because earlier this week, it was officially ‘Blue Monday’ and I don’t know about you but I am definitely feeling it this year.


Lockdown restrictions are really taking their toll right now and none of us are immune.  Don’t we all just want to get out and do the things we once took for granted?  The simple things.



Like celebrating birthdays and special events with our friends.  Hugging our family.   Sitting next to our colleagues in the office.   Going out for dinner with friends…



I could go on but you get it don’t you?



I felt quite blue last weekend, but I decided I was NOT going to let it take hold so this is what I did to turn things around.



  • I noticed.  I became aware of my feelings and decided to take action.
  • I bought myself some gorgeous flowers
  • I bought some delicious food from M&S
  • I lit some candles and had a mini pamper evening … hair conditioning treatment, a face mask and a conditioning foot mask.



It is easy to get stuck in a rut when times are tough and fall into that space of ‘I can’t be bothered’.  I mean why get dressed each morning and put on our lipstick or perfume if we are not even leaving the house – right?



Wrong!  That is not the way to be.  Be bothered!   You may not be leaving the house but still, YOU matter.



And it is important that you start to notice when you are feeling low and take action as soon as you can to ensure that it doesn’t take hold and develop into depression.



So this week, let’s talk about prioritizing our OWN wellbeing.
Let’s talk about taking care of ourselves.



Here’s a few suggestions for you:



💕    Take yourself off out on a long walk and fill your lungs with fresh air.
Leave your phone at home or at least switch it to silent.  Notice the buildings, the trees, the people who are also out walking…  If you are not close to a park or green space, then take a walk around your neighbourhood.   Walk a street you have never been, notice the properties and let your imagination run wild as you contemplate who lives in each house.



💕    An evening free of technology.
Don’t panic… it’s only for a few hours…
Switch off all technology and enjoy a quiet evening at home.
Take some time for YOU.  Enjoy the space to just relax.
Have a soak in the bath, read a book, enjoy a pamper evening or even listen to a guided meditation.  Whatever you enjoy and that allows to reconnect to the truth of who you really are, – do that!



💕    Prepare a playlist of your favourite music in Spotify and dance your way back to happiness.



💕    Prepare a photobook from your most recent holiday.
Remember how you felt as you enjoyed a dip in the sea or indulged in a few cocktails late into the night.  What about the people that you met?  Any funny situations that you want to record?  As you go through this process, maybe start thinking about where you might like to travel to when restrictions are lifted?


When we don’t take care of ourselves, we can start to feel neglected, abandoned and unloved.



The key to loving yourself truly is to give yourself that which uplifts you, not just for the moment, but long term.



Loving yourself is having the courage to FEEL your feelings, even the ones that aren’t so pretty – without judging them.  It’s holding yourself when you are feeling sad, angry or lonely with the utmost love and respect.



Loving yourself takes practice and a strong resolution. It’s the willingness to pick yourself up when life throws you a curveball. Even when you’re hurting – lifting yourself up as if you truly were your own best friend.



It’s reminding yourself how strong you are, how amazing you are.  
You are UNIQUE in a world occupied by 7bn people!



Go on, do something indulgent this week.  Something that is just for you.  Something that will lift your spirits and see you through these challenging times. 



You are so worth it!

From my heart to yours 💕

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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