I don’t recall whether I shared this with you or not, but I recently started working my way through ‘The Artists Way’ by Julia Cameron. 


I picked up the book one day after enjoying my morning coffee in Waterstones – thinking it looked like an interesting read – and only later realising it was a 12-week course – designed to guide you through the process of recovering your creativity. 

musical notes

It aims to dispel the conditioning that holds us back, and encourages us to reconnect to our creativity – by connecting to our inner child (the artist in each of us).  Curious right?



Well today, I decided to reconnect to the child in me – going back to a time when I was making decisions that would shape my life.  Decisions that continue to impact me to this day.  Some good.  Others, not so much. 



The years selected are 1980/1981 – around the time I was 12/13.
In a trip down memory lane, I have been revisiting those years through the medium of music.



I have logged in to Spotify and selected Hits from 1980, and there’s been a few fabulous memories triggered already.



Grandma we love you
St Winifred’s School Choir.  Wow!  Hilarious!  Not only can I remember every word of the song, but I can also remember these kids as they appeared on Saturday morning TV – I think they may have been winners of a talent competition. Of course, the million-dollar question – how can it be that I recall every word from this ridiculous song and I can barely remember what I had for dinner last night?



Coward of the County – Kenny Rogers
Not only do I know every word of this song but also ever every pause, and every intonation.  In the year it was released, it was my Halloween ‘treat’ 🤣
I can’t remember what I was dressed up as (probably Kenny Rogers), but I certainly recall performing this song for all of the neighbours in return for some sweets.

Sadly, we lost Kenny Rogers earlier this year, but his music lives on in all of us. OK, maybe not in ALL of us – but it definitely lives on in me.



Sexy Eyes – Dr Hook
OMG!  Dr Hook – the Greatest Hits album.
My cousin sent a cassette and we played it over and over and over and over. My mum, my sister and me.  We all loved it.

And so many more…  Michael Jackson, Dire Straits, Queen, Kool & the Gang and The Eagles to name but a few.



Shakin’ Stevens
I fell in love around this time too. 
With Shakin’ Stevens 💖
I played the album ‘Shaky’ on repeat day after day. 
Oh how much time I spent gazing into the eyes of the man in the pink jacket.

I even remember having a photo taken on Christmas day (with my new polaroid camera) and sending it off with a letter (pleading) for Shaky to sign it and return it to me.  And he did.  It was my prize possession for years!!! I loved Shaky and Shaky loved me 🤣

And now I’m singing “Mona Lisa” and remembering it all as though it were yesterday.

80s banner

It doesn’t matter how many years go by, when music touches your heart, it never leaves. It is like a time-machine.



Music can help us through our lowest moments and accompany us through the best moments of our lives.



We can forget a word, a face, or a date, but we never forget the tunes that accompany our best moments.  



I’ve had a blast today whilst writing this – thank you Spotify.



Will you join me in this adventure down memory lane?



Choose a year from your childhood.  Is there a specific year of influence? 
If you can’t think of one, then I highly recommend the year that you became a teenager.  



Get onto Spotify or iTunes and spend one evening this week playing all the songs from your chosen year. You will be blown away with the number of memories that come to mind as a result.



And I hope – most of them happy.



Message me below and let me know what song you heard that sparked the happiest of memories for you.

🎵 Have a magical (and musical) Christmas 🎵

Love Linda

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