With only a few weeks left of 2020 and having taken some time to reflect on this closing year (see previous blog), I want to encourage you to start thinking about how you might like 2021 to look for you.



Not in the form of a list of goals and/or objectives – rather, in the setting of an intention.



What?  Set an intention?   How does that get anything done? 



Well, permit me to explain.

christmas present


Throughout my 20s, 30s and perhaps even early 40s, I diligently listed a full set of goals that I wanted to achieve by the end of each year.  I would take some time to define what they should be, by when each one should be complete, and even so far as to type them and print them out.  Every year.  Without fail.  Often, a long list!



I saw this as my way of taking responsibility for my own life.



There were Health Goals, Career Goals, Financial Goals, Lifestyle Goals – and (just sticking with those categories for now), my list for the year may look something like this.



Health Lose 28lbs
Career Secure next level promotion
Financial Save £10K and clear outstanding credit card debt
Lifestyle  Bathroom upgrade



Goal setting can really help to keep you focused.  But there’s a downside too in that they are so targeted, and so very specific, – if you don’t achieve them, they have the power to negatively impact on your mood, your motivation, and ultimately your sense of well-being.



Without realising that ‘Living intentionally’ was even a ‘thing’, in January 2007, I moved away from goal setting and instead started the year with intention.   I too had gone through a period of reflection and realised that there was no FUN in my life.



And so I replaced my long list of objectives with an intention.



To welcome the FUN back into my life.



3 months later, I said YES to an opportunity to spend 3 months in New Zealand.



Those 3 months extended to 12 and I had so much fun.



The following year I moved directly to China.
And it was here – in Shanghai that I fell in love with LIFE 💖



So here’s what I want you to understand about intentions.
NEVER in my wildest imagination, would I have written a GOAL that included a move to NZ or for that matter Shanghai.  But that’s what happened.



All from setting the intention to Say YES to life and have more fun.



And that’s the thing about goal setting.



Goals can be limiting.



We tend to set goals only as far as we can ‘see’.



The ceiling on goals is what WE believe we are capable of.  Or what we can ‘make’ happen.



They are very specific, and they don’t leave any room for magic.



But intentions…. Well – they leave so much room……. We can set intentions without declaring how we will achieve them.  Just set the intention and let the magic happen.

follow your heart

This year, I invite you to give yourself a Christmas gift. 
The gift of intention.



Write down one over-riding intention which will set the tone for the way that you choose to live your life next year.



Taking my weight loss example above, in replacing my goal to lose 28lbs, with the INTENTION to feel fabulous every day, then I am more likely to make decisions in each moment to support that choice.  These could include:



♡  Choosing foods that nourish my body
♡  Committing to a skincare regime
♡  Dressing well for my shape.
♡  Engaging in activities that make me feel alive
♡  Engaging in activities that make me laugh  



I may as a result, lose weight and I may not. But what is important is that my focus is on looking good and feeling fabulous every day.  Sometimes that will come from careful planning around my food choices, other times – it will be about taking my camera and heading out on an adventure to explore somewhere new.



You see – it’s about doing what makes you FEEL good.



Setting intentions helps you to stay focused.
In setting intentions, we are less attached to the specific ‘how’. 
Less attached to the outcome.



What intention will you set for 2021?



Let me know below in the comments.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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