I want to continue the conversation about CERTAINTY that we started last time – specifically in regard to the vision you hold for your life.


Certainty is the highest form of showing up for your dreams and your purpose.


Certainty gives us an added spark and burst of enthusiasm – which makes us UNSTOPPABLE.


Cultivate certainty and you will see your life transformed.


Certainty puts an end to procrastination, fear and self-doubt.


But you want to know how – right?
How to cultivate certainty as a way of being?


Well here goes 💜


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Step 1 – Clarity
First – get clear.
What is it that you truly desire for your life?



Once we acknowledge that our dreams matter, walking around saying we don’t know what we want, is simply emotional laziness. The truth is you DO know what you want. And you DO know what is meant for you.



You have just been burying your desires under a blanket of limiting beliefs by saying things like – “I can’t”, “I’ve left it too late”, or “It’s not possible for me, I don’t deserve it”.



So your first step is to get honest about what your truth is.

  • What is it that you truly desire?
  • Is it starting afresh in a new city or a new country?
  • Going after that promotion?
  • Qualifying in a fitness competition?
  • Writing a book?
  • Singing live?
  • Living on a boat in the Caribbean?
  • Walking the red carpet at glamorous events in LA and London?
  • Being interviewed in the media about your work or having your photos published?


Get clear on your vision and bring it to mind.
VISUALISE it. Really FEEL into it.
Connect to the WHY behind it and write it down.



Step 2 – Make a DECISION and COMMIT
Make the decision to commit fully to your desires.



Now that you are clear on what they are, it is up to you to create your own ‘no excuses’ policy around your desires.



The word DECISION comes from the Latin – “to cut”
When you truly DECIDE, you cut off any form of doubt and let go of your back-up plan, you create new thoughts at a higher level of vibration, which in turn, helps to attract a better level of support.



Certainty comes with making a decision and taking action that eliminates any option of giving up, procrastinating, or ‘settling’ for a mediocre life.



You have to FEEL – in every inch of your body and soul, that you are going to make this happen, NO MATTER WHAT.



Take a moment to write down all of the excuses that have already come to mind about your desires.

  • It’s too expensive.
  • I’m too old.
  • I left it too late.
  • It’s too risky.
  • It’s not practical.
  • I don’t have the resources or the connections to make it happen.
  • People will think I’ve gone crazy.



Whatever specific reasons your brain has for why it WON’T work, write them down.



Now, in your full power and with every ounce of passion inside of you, I want you to cross every single one of these out. Excuses can no longer exist, and you cannot be available to let any one of these lame reasons get in your way.



Your new strategy is to ask – How CAN this work? Who else can help with this? Solutions come from spirit. Sit quietly, ask the questions and wait for the answers to come.



Step 3 – Take Action
Take action today – having now committed fully to your dream life, what one small action can you take today to move forward?
For without action, a desire is merely a wish.



What is it going to take for you to create a ‘no going back’ situation where you will be fully devoted to your goal? What one specific action can you take TODAY that will put your dreams in motion and guarantee your success?



Is it enrolling in a programme? Putting down a deposit? Hiring a fabulous coach & mentor? 😜 Getting an accountability partner? Putting your house on the market? Clicking the ‘public’ button on your dating profile?



Whatever it is, take the action that will kickstart your plan.

Dream Big

Step 4 – Be willing to course-correct
If your dream is to get the promotion, and you apply – only to be disappointed that you didn’t get the job, I want you to understand that NO doesn’t necessarily mean NO – it simply means NOT YET.   
Don’t think of this as a rejection.  Think of it as a ‘redirection’. 
It means an even better opportunity is out there waiting for you.



Don’t be disheartened and definitely do NOT give up on your dreams due to one little setback.



The gatekeepers and decision makers won’t always get your vision or see your greatness.



Never ever give up
In most cases, it is actually much easier to quit before time runs out to save yourself and your dignity.  But that is not who you are.   You must continue to TRUST and to BELIEVE.   Through visualisation, repetition, affirmations, and conscious language, you can train your brain to believe at the deepest level that your dream is possible.



Certainty isn’t luck.  And it doesn’t just randomly appear in your life. 
You must consciously create it.  Make the decision.  Cultivate the belief, nurture and strengthen it daily and get ready for the miracles to happen.



Stuck for time?  You can bring your vision to life by investing just 15 minutes per day

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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