I want to talk about creating CERTAINTY – specifically in regard to your vision.


Certainty is a skillset that every legend and icon has developed.


And you can too.


Certainty gives us an added spark and burst of enthusiasm – which makes us UNSTOPPABLE.


Even if we don’t know exactly how our vision will come to life, we can be sure that with the right mindset, a solution is always available.


Albert Einstein once said, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.   In other words, the neurological pathways we have become used to, and the habitual thinking that worked for us in the past, won’t take us to the next level.



A higher level of consciousness is required.



Certainty is the highest form of showing up for your dreams and your purpose.



Cultivate certainty and you will become the star of your own show.



You will see your life transformed.



The only way to let our dazzling light shine is to become certain of the fabulous women we are and the incredible outcomes we are meant to manifest.



Unless we know in every fibre of our being, that our dreams CAN and WILL be brought to fruition, and that we DO have what it takes to achieve our goals, we will find ourselves perpetually wishing, wanting, procrastinating, and making excuses – without success.



Certainty puts an end to procrastination, fear and self-doubt.
Who me?  Can I dream that big?  What will people say?  Is this too much?
All of those fears, insecurities and doubts get totally wiped out when you have the unshakeable confidence that comes with being certain.  It’s how you defy the conventional wisdom to ‘go with the flow’ that is secretly keeping you from reaching your full potential.



Between the constant barrage of advice, to-do lists and instructions on how life should be done, it’s not easy to know when to move with certainty in the direction of your desire and when to let it go and practice ‘non-attachment’.



We all have big dreams.  But when manifesting them seems too difficult, many of us become uncertain.  We tell ourselves, well since it didn’t happen, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.



Our past neurological pathway is wired to ‘hope for the best’, ‘prepare for the worst’, and accept the chips wherever they may fall.  We learn to tolerate what we perceive as ‘fate’ with lukewarm disappointment.

dreams come true

Suddenly, your excitement is replaced with thoughts of “I obviously don’t have what it takes”.  “This is clearly not going to work out, who was I to even think it would?”



Next time I will dream a bit smaller so that I don’t suffer the humiliation of creating this mess again.



Giving up on what’s possible, assuming it just wasn’t meant to be and whirling around in circles, the uncertainty and indecision will stop you from ever moving forward.  This wishy-washy, insecure energy keeps women riding the steep emotional slopes, so they never get off the roller-coaster to cross the goal off their accomplishment list.



You don’t get to be ambivalent and fearful and still manifest your dreams on a regular basis.



Asking yourself – “How good am I willing to let life get?” on a regular basis will support you in cultivating certainty as you co-create with the universe.






In the next issue, I will outline some very specific steps you can take to guarantee certainty.



Until then, why don’t you take some time to think about what you really desire. What is the one thing that if you changed it, would have a positive impact on all other areas of your life?



Dream Big 💎

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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