Recently, whilst enjoying an early morning walk and taking in this view of Lake Annecy, it struck me…


It’s been a year 💎


It’s been a year – almost to the day, since I made the decision to activate a plan that had been in by ❤️ for a while.


For at least 8 years – maybe more.

Elmwood Manor


I had this vision of the kind of life I wanted to live.  It involved selling my home, downsizing, buying a smaller (lock up and leave) type property and creating the freedom to live and work from anywhere in the world.



But you know how it is.  The time is just never quite right.



  • You are filled with excitement then you realise how much there is to fix in the house before you can put it on the market.
  • You worry about what others might say of your mid-life choices.
  • Someone in the family gets sick and you assume full responsibility in supporting their recovery.
  • Life beyond the initial decision isn’t clear so best you wait until you have everything ‘firmed up’ before taking action.
  • You start a new project at work that you just know won’t be completed unless you are at the helm steering the ship



Then there’s the fear…. what if it doesn’t work out?



Yes – I know.
Seen it, done it, lived it.



For at least 8 years.



Until May 2019.



For that was when I finally decided to take ACTION.
To stop waiting for the conditions to be perfect and get on with bringing my dream to life.



I called my friend Elly and we spent the following Sunday afternoon walking around my place with a clipboard (I know, don’t judge!) identifying all the improvements required before my home was ‘market ready’.


  • Areas to de-clutter
  • Repairs to be undertaken
  • Areas in need of a ‘coat of paint’ to freshen up the space
  • Areas that needed a make-over
  • Items to be sold or donated
Ocean with lady

For 4-5 weeks, I worked on the list.
I called in the repair men, did what I could by myself and I worked through the list of de-cluttering and home-styling tasks that had been identified. Mid-June, my place went on the market – looking better than it had done for years I might add.



6 weeks later, it sold … for my dream price …… and with a 4-week closing.






On 01 September, 3 months after making the decision to finally take ACTION on creating the life I had imagined since leaving Shanghai, I was on my way.



What dream are you carrying in your heart?



Try this exercise.

  1. Take out your journal and describe your life as it is TODAY
  2. On the opposite page, describe how you want your life to be.
    Take your time and describe in as much detail as possible.



Now consider what needs to change in order for you to move from A to B.



The ‘ACTION’ you take will form the bridge between the 2.
The energy in your action will dictate the speed at which you reach the new level.



What action can you take TODAY to move you even one step closer to your dream life?

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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