Man…… I love you!


Those are not words I utter very often 😂 and most certainly not on first meeting someone.  But I did on this particular day….



I was in the petrol station.  It was around 7.30pm on a cold, wintry evening and I was on my way home after a long day at the office.  My head was full. I was physically & mentally exhausted.

Woman wearing glasses smiling

There was no time in my life for anything BUT work.
No time for FUN, no time for FRIENDS, no time for ME.



My car was a mess and my home – not much better.
It certainly wasn’t providing the ‘sanctuary’ that I aspired to.



My mind was overflowing with thoughts and this was reflected in my physical environment.



And suddenly, there he was – like a gift from the Universe.
His white van pulled up right alongside my car and I noticed the writing on the side.



“Too busy to clean your car?”
“Let me take care of it”
Mobile valeting service



I finished re-fueling and I rushed over to him.



I tapped on the window and we had a brief conversation.  It went like this: –



You have a mobile valeting service?  Can you come to my office and clean my car while I work?
Sure – where do you work?



I told him.




Really – you can?
That’s what I do.
But it’s a bit of a mess inside…
Great – I’ll be glad to get that sorted for you.
Man – I love you!  Do you have a card?



Next morning, I called, and just a few days later, he came to the office for
what would be the start of a beautiful relationship (in a professional car/valeting kind of way of course!)



I would be working at my desk or in a meeting – while he cleaned my car … and that of about 20 other employees!   On the first Friday of every month!
What a treat!  It felt so good to come out of the office to a spotlessly clean car.

Do what you love

Now ladies, before you start mocking this indulgence, I want to ask you something…



Have you ever considered just how much your ‘inner martyr’ might be running your life?



She is the one who screams inside your head – “If a job needs doing properly, then do it yourself”.



She is also the one discouraging you from delegating key tasks, because no one else ever delivers quite to your standard.   It doesn’t matter that you end up working all hours as a result.



She permits you take your holidays – but they are few and far between and of course you are never more than a phone-call away.



Deep down, a woman ruled by her inner martyr has been conditioned to believe that the world around her will fall apart without her.



The sad result is there are thousands of talented women putting up with situations in which they no longer feel happy or fulfilled, in roles that have become stale, monotonous and boring – for way longer than is necessary.



And yet the martyr convinces us that we have no other options.



We are so confident that doing the practical thing is righteous, that we won’t allow ourselves to see what is truly possible for us.   Maybe NOW is a good time to let her go and to take charge of your own life?



You KNOW that you deserve more. You earned it!



Take a look at your life today.  In what areas could you do with more help?



Maybe it’s a cleaner?  The car wash man?  A VA to take care of all those PowerPoint presentations that you waste so much time on? Someone to maintain the garden or collect the laundry?



You can do all of these things yourself. 
Of course, you can.  



But you can also delegate them and break free from the martyr.



You work hard and you earned the right to feel good.



To relax after a long day at the office.



To feel good about you and about your surroundings. 
So let go of some of those mundane tasks and get back to doing what you LOVE.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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