As I mentioned previously, the best thing that we can all do right now is to prioritise FEELING GOOD.  We have been in lockdown for a number of weeks now, so I hope that consciously making time to focus on your needs is helping you deal with those low moments.

Cows lying down in a field

During this period of isolation, my evening routine has adapted somewhat to include a couple of episodes of HOMELAND on Netflix.



Whilst engrossed on Friday night, I noticed some cows in the field as the principal character was driven to an important meeting in Israel.  Nothing to do with the storyline at all, just a 2 second sighting as the car passed the field.



But I noticed the cows and my first thought?



The cows are lying down, it’s going to rain ☔️



Oh yes, there I was fully engaged in a tense episode of Homeland and yet I allowed my mind to drift, and to notice that Saul Berenson may well need his umbrella 😂



You see – I’ve ‘known’ this all of my life.



If the cows are lying down, it’s going to rain ☔️



If the cows are standing up, it’s a great day for the beach.



Were you taught this too?



As children, everything we learn, comes from those around us.  
We hear the same messages over and over again and we ‘assume’ them to be true.



Pretty harmless maybe when the story is about cows and rainfall but what if the repeating message is “You are not good enough” or “Good things don’t happen to people like us”, or even “You are not smart enough”.



Somewhat more damaging, don’t you think?



Today I invite you to consider your own thoughts.



To challenge those beliefs and TRUST what you KNOW to be true, NOT what you were taught to believe.

Record player

Begin the practice of regularly noticing what that voice in your head is saying about you or your capabilities. 



If it is fear based – discard it.  Have fun with it.  Name it even!



You will soon start to notice how your mind loves to re-play the same old soundtrack. “I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m too old, I’ll never be able to make that happen… “



Choose a new soundtrack to your life.



One which will move you into a more positive and supportive, ‘can-do’ mindset.



Be your own coach and take responsibility for your thoughts.  They will shape your world, and if you are serious about creating a life that is the truest expression of who you are, then there are no shortcuts.



Consider that every one of us, regardless of anything that has happened in our life up until this point, can decide today on the kind of person we are going to be, and we can start over.



We can re-write the lyrics to our own life.



Taking responsibility for our lives by having the courage to take responsibility for our thoughts, is a very powerful first step to freedom.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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