Well let’s be honest, the excitement of Annecy didn’t last very long.


Soon after you finished reading my last update, Covid-19 acquired a chilling grip on the nation and to varying degrees, we are all now in isolation.


In France (where I remain) we have been in isolation for almost 2 weeks already and the rules are pretty strict … understandably so.

teacup and saucer with pink roses in the background


Put simply, we are not permitted to leave the property except to visit the grocery store or to the pharmacy.



All non-essential outlets have been closed and quite frankly, Annecy is like a ghost-town.



These are unprecedented times and I bow to the advice given, respecting the rules.



And whilst I am applying all that I have learned in the past few years in order to ‘maintain my vibe’ I do miss social connection. So, it is an extra special pleasure to be with you this week.



These are unprecedented times and whilst initially, it may feel ‘fun’ to stay at home all day, the isolation could soon take its toll and I really want to encourage you to be pro-active and to take the necessary steps to maintain your mental wellbeing.



Today, I want to share with you, some things that I am doing in order to feel good.



I’m alone, in a strange country and speak very little of the local language so I am truly isolated.  Maintaining my mental health is very important to me and it’s important for you too.  So please, I beg of you.  Make  FEELING GOOD a key priority during the coming weeks.



But how to do that when there is so much fear and uncertainty coming at you from all angles?



Well here are just a few of the things that are helping me whilst I self-isolate far away from home.



Journal Daily
Get out one of those empty notebooks that I know you have stashed away at home and start writing a journal.  If this is not something that you practice already, then I promise you it will serve you positively during these most difficult times.


Not sure what to write?


Start with 10 things that you feel grateful for.


Right now.  Despite the crisis.  What are you grateful for?


It is not possible to be Fearful and Thankful at the same time.  So, focus on being thankful and set yourself up for a more positive start to the day.


If you feel compelled to continue writing, then DO.  This is a great space for processing the rollercoaster of emotions that will surely overwhelm as we wade through such unchartered waters.



Music 🎵
I haven’t been able to access any UK TV Channels in France and so I have tuned in to Heart FM and I am loving it!


I had forgotten just how much of an impact music can have on your sense of well-being, how much of a ‘mood-enhancer’ it can be, and I am absolutely loving getting to know the young talent of the day.



Learn Something New
People will remember this time in their lives forever more.
For years, there will be conversations that start like this…   “Do you remember when we were all in ‘lockdown’ for X weeks and unable even to visit our friends and family?“


Prepare to change the tone of the conversation.


“Oh yes, it was a difficult time, but there was also a positive outcome… for that is the time that I learned to ………….”


There are so many resources on-line now and so you could learn to cook, you could learn to blog, you could learn a new language, yoga, in fact – anything. I’ve opted to learn French and further expand my photography skills.  How about you?  What will you learn?


You could of course also learn something that will support you in your Business.


How about learning how to use LinkedIn or Instagram most effectively?


Or maybe – how to make the most of a project management tool like Trello?


There are so many options out there.  YOUTUBE has tutorials for everything.  But if that is not your thing, you can check out a service like MASTERCLASS – offering workshops from the likes of Gordon Ramsay – cooking, Anna Wintour – Leading with Impact, Martin Scorsese – Filming and even Jodie Foster – filmmaking.



De-Cluttering is a wonderful way to clear the mind as well as the physical environment. And just think…. When all of this is over, there is sure to be a lot of people struggling to get back on their feet.  So how about spending 15-30 minutes per day de-cluttering your home and cleansing your wardrobe.  And you can do this from a place of ‘knowing’ that these items are going to be so well-received and appreciated by another when this crisis is over.


Of course, I only have a suitcase with me in France so no need for a physical de-clutter, but I do intend to use some of this time for a digital de-clutter. Cleaning up my desktops, deleting unused Apps, transferring some of those 20,000 photos to dropbox etc.   Starting my 2020 Photobook!  Enough to keep me busy for a few more weeks.

Old fashioned yellow phone

Stay Connected
Be sure to stay connected during these times. 
Pick up the phone and check in on those elderly parents. 
Skype and Zoom are also available for ‘face-to-face’ chats with friends and family. Now more than ever is the time for all of us to stay in touch and to let others know … they are not alone.


Additionally, as you are making more time to think about and appreciate your friends & family why not prepare a photobook of all your favourite moments and featuring all those that you love the most.  I use Photobox to do this, but I am sure many other providers offer a similar service.   Upload your photos and get started.



Conscious Consumption  
My final recommendations is that you become very aware of the type of information that you consume during the day.  There is so much advice being shared at the moment.  And lots of resentment about how things are being handled.  Take back your power.  Switch off the notifications and allow 2 or 3 15-minute slots per day where you go check on your social media sites but get back out before you are guided down the rabbit hole of negativity.


I could go on, but I think this is a good place to stop and to let you get back to your life.



Please – whichever of these you decide to implement, DO make Feeling Good a priority.  There are some challenging times ahead of us.  Let’s make sure we put in the effort to emerge from the crisis in the best possible shape.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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