Many of my Clients tell me that they feel ‘stuck’. How about you?  Are you feeling stuck?


Do you feel like all the excitement has been drained from your life? Maybe you have come to believe that you are not as confident today as you once were?


Is there something that you would really LOVE to change, but are just too scared to take the action required?

Linda Thomson

Well maybe, just maybe … you need to step out of your comfort zone.



We all have a comfort zone.  Think of it like an imaginary ‘boundary’ around your life. It is defined by things such as our job, the routines we have established, the choices we make without even thinking about them, the friends we spend most of our time with, the things we do in our spare time, the holidays we go on, the coffee shop or restaurants we frequent.



Our comfort zone represents all the things in our life that make “us” feel like ourselves.   In a way, it’s our safety net.  I’ve even heard some describe it as our ‘prison’ (ouch!).



So let me ask you… How often do you stretch your comfort zone?  Of course, I get that it feels safe there, but it’s not really a space from which you can evolve and grow, is it?



There is no excitement.  No adventure.
Maybe secretly you know that you are getting in the way of your personal growth because you are too scared to stretch those comfortable boundaries?



My advice is to step out on a much more frequent basis and try new things.   It doesn’t have to scare you, but it is quite helpful if it challenges you…



Because the feeling of actually doing something that others just talk about, is truly amazing.  You will grow in stature, you will develop into a stronger human being, and you will develop a sense of confidence in yourself that you previously envied in others.



And besides, if you have stopped growing, you could be preventing yourself from living a life that completely fulfils you.



The more you do to push yourself, the more you will grow and most likely, the greater will be your experience of life.

Comfort Zone

Now, I have a question for you.



What is the decision you are NOT making?






What is the decision I am not making?



Now something came to mind didn’t it?  What was it for you?



Why aren’t you making the decision?



Because the answer that came when you spoke that question out loud, came from your intuition.  And we need to learn to trust the wisdom of our intuition.



Sometimes we get a ‘nudge’ about something, a feeling deep in our gut.



It tells us – Do this, Do that.. slow down…. Take action



Sometimes we listen.  Sometimes we don’t. 
If we don’t…….the feeling doesn’t go away.
The nudges keep coming.  The message gets louder. 
They just keep coming.  And coming.



Until one day, the decision to act is taken out of our hands.



It may come in the form of a redundancy, a health scare, or a relationship breakdown and at the time it feels horrible, messy, dark.



Then later, the same people who experienced the darkness will reflect and say – that was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Because now, I work with the most amazing Company and I wouldn’t have had the experience if I didn’t get made redundant.   Or I met the love of my life.  Or, the experience has changed the way that I work – because I was doing far too much and now I put myself first…



Why does it take a steamroller to get us to change?



What if we were to listen to those gentle nudges and be really be pro-active, act on them as/when they occurred.



Call it intuition, inner voice, gut instinct..



There is a part of you that ALWAYS knows what to do in any given circumstance. Learning to trust your intuition and to act when you experience that sense of ‘knowing’ – takes courage too. But it’s a great place to start. 

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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