Well hello!


Are you all set for Santa?


I love Christmas time, and being in London this year has been pretty special.



Honestly, I have never seen this city look more beautiful and I am excited to spend some time exploring with my friend during the holidays.



So how are things? Have you been getting into the habit & routine of your 15-minutes per day?



Working towards your big goal or plan? Hopefully (even in 2 short weeks) you are already starting to notice just how effective this strategy can be.



If you have been adopting this habit, then I encourage you to spend a little bit of time over Christmas & the New Year, to get really clear about exactly what it is you want to achieve in 2020. How you want your life to be. Imagine for a moment, you are a ‘Lifestyle Architect’ – if you could design every detail of your life, how would you choose for it to look?



This is the same exercise that you have done before but this time I want you to think even BIGGER! Dream big! You are holding the pencil. Now Design your own lifestyle.



Next, identify 10 key things that would have to change vs your current situation and set to work on the first item. 15 minutes every day until it is complete. And only then, you move on to item 2. So, if you want to change companies and move into your dream job, then the first thing might be to write down all the things that matter to you most and what you loved about any (previous) favourite job. Start there. Spend 15 minutes every day for a week or more. And when you have the full list, you can get to work on structuring your CV to attract those types of Businesses. Makes sense, right?



Now can I tell you a secret?



Transformation is possible for EVERYONE.
Including you!



But remember, shifting habits takes time, so don’t beat yourself up if it seems you have a long way to go in order to achieve your beautifully designed life.



Just stay focused and make your ’15 minutes of Action’ part of your daily life. Work on the same task/activity every day until it is complete.



When you are comfortable and it has become a habit. You can move on to the next.



For example, – if you decide that within the next 3 years, you want to move abroad, then learning a new language might be on your ’10 things to do list’. So, start with 15 minutes per day. Every day you invest 15 minutes per day learning a new language. When the habit is bedded in and has become part of your normal daily routine, you can move on to the next item. But don’t stop with the language lessons.



Adding just one new habit per month to your life will have you finish 2020 in a profoundly different place.



Get support and accountability to help you bed in these new habits. You can do that by yourself, via apps, phone reminders, post-it notes or through working with a coach (and I happen to know a great one 😉). Forgive yourself when you fall off track, but at the same time be fiercely committed to your transformation.

Stack of books

The results of your commitment to changing your mindset will show almost immediately and continue to grow. It’s not about being perfect, but each and every step forward will make a difference and you will feel better, think better and become more optimistic and positive as you make these changes.



As you start introducing new habits and step beyond your comfort zone onto unfamiliar ground, new possibilities will open up for you that currently lie beyond your range of vision.



Will it be uncomfortable at times? Sure! In fact, at time it may be terrifying.



However, being called to do what you fear most is a direct route towards experiencing just how powerful, resourceful, brave and amazing you really are.



With courage, POSSIBILITY takes bloom.



So let go of having to control the outcome of your efforts. Trust more deeply in yourself, blossom into your full brilliance and in so doing, become a Leader – by inspiring others to do the same.



And with that … its over to you.

Wishing you a truly magical Christmas and the most amazing year ahead.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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