Some months ago, I made a decision…..



… to remove the SPARKLE from my Business.



In a moment of apparent madness, I felt that perhaps the (often serious) corporate types that I tend to attract as clients, might be turned off.


Sparkle is for life, not just for christmas

That the ‘sparkle’ might be too ‘woo woo’ for them.



But as we approach the end of another year – in fact the end of another decade, I have made a key decision.



I’m bringing back the sparkle.



You see, the ‘sparkle’ is at the core of my brand and in letting it go, I let a piece of me go too.



When The Diamond Life Project was born, my goal was to design a life in which I ‘sparkle’ every single day.



The ‘sparkle’ is inspired by a certain feeling.



💎 It is the way I felt when I moved to Shanghai and became fully present to the experience of life.



💎 It is the way I felt when I was running around, playing with the kids on Silk Island, Cambodia.



💎  The way I felt when I was stood at the foot of the twin towers in Malaysia, overcome with emotion and wondering “how did I ever get to be this lucky?”



💎 The delight on the face of the novice monks when I introduced them to ‘Talking Tom’.



THAT feeling.



It’s a feeling of absolute joy.



Of gratitude.



Embracing a childlike wonder, curiosity and excitement.



When I am in this ‘space’, my eyes sparkle – as though they are filled with tiny diamonds.



And hence – “The Diamond Life Project”



so – YES, I am bringing back the sparkle.



And for those for whom it doesn’t resonate… then that’s ok.   



They will probably be better served by another Coach.


Now – let’s talk about you.  Because I want to help YOU to get your sparkle back too.



There are only a few weeks left until the end of the year, and I want to help you to make the best of it, so that you can get 2020 off to the best possible start.



Today I want to share with you a top tip.



To help ensure what you INTEND for YOU next year, gets done.



1. Write down the ONE thing that you would love to have completed or achieved by the end of 2020.



2. Now write a list of 10 ‘tasks’ associated with this goal.
Don’t be overwhelmed… just write down the first 10 things that come to mind. They don’t need to be in any kind of order, just 10 things that need to be done.



3. Prepare a 15-minute playlist of your favourite tunes.



Press PLAY on your playlist and devote 15 minutes per day to the first item on your list in 2 above. 15 minutes every day until it is complete. Then you can move on to the next item.



5. Invest 15 minutes per day CONSISTENTLY.
One phone call, 15 minutes learning a new language, 15 minutes to de-clutter your home.  15 minutes to update your CV in preparation for your new role.



You see, the moment that you begin to take action (even 15 minutes of action) then you will be one step closer to bringing your dream to life.



By the end of each month you will have invested 7.5 hours.



By the end of the year, more than 90 hours.
Just think about that!  That equates to 2 full/working weeks.



2 full working weeks invested in YOUR dream.  



Don’t let another year slip by.






If you are struggling to identify those first 10 steps in your project, then message me direct and book in for your POWER HOUR session.  I would be delighted to help you bring your dream to life.



And to see you re-claim your sparkle.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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