I am feeling good.


Lighter. Emotionally lighter that is.     
You see, I have been doing some great work with my Personal Coach, letting go of things I have been holding on to for a number of years, and making big plans for the future.


It feels so good and I am very excited for what is to come in 2020.

In other news, this week I’ve been to London’s Regent Street to watch the big switch on of the Christmas lights.  Wow!  How fantastic.

Christmas Lights

Unfortunately, there were a few technical issues on the night which just goes to show… even with all the money in the world, even with all the technology at your fingertips, and months of planning, things can STILL go wrong.  The question is – how do you respond when they do?



What do you do when things don’t turn out as planned?  Do you shout and swear?  Do you panic?  Do you freeze, unclear of what to do next or how to move on?



It’s not unusual for me to take a ‘wrong turn’ when I’m driving.  I come off the motorway at the wrong exit (regularly), I get into the wrong lane and forced down a route I hadn’t intended.  Or I’m day-dreaming whilst driving – singing along to a favourite tune and end up following the car in front.  I swear – these things happen to me all the time.   It’s a bit of a running joke in my family.  



Usually there is a moment of truth – ‘ugh ugh’, here we go again.



Then a faint smile emerges.  And finally, the thought.  OK – let’s go with it.  What does this little adventure have in store for me?  Can I find my way back on to the correct route without my sat nav?  Let’s give it a go!



I don’t panic.  I don’t ‘rant & rave’, I don’t swear (actually maybe I do momentarily) but then I CHOOSE my response. 



And if you CHOOSE your response in situations like this, I bet you could better manage your anxiety levels.  Instead of thinking – Why, why why did I do that?  I’m so stupid.  Can’t even stay on the right road.



Consider the alternative… just think – Where will this little adventure lead me?



Now, back to Regent Street and the Christmas lights.  According to the website, the show was set to begin at 5pm with music from The Script and ending at 6.30pm with the big switch on and fireworks. I was there by 5pm and found myself a decent spot by the big screen. By 6.30pm, still nothing had happened.  Did I get angry?  No.  Did I shout & swear and curse the organisers?  No!  Instead, I opened up a conversation with a couple close by and ended up spending an hour or so getting to know the lovely Karina and Daniel from Argentina.  Karina is a fashion designer and Daniel has his own pasta-making factory.  How cool is that?  We chatted (in broken English) for a full hour and what a magical hour that turned out to be.  I love those moments.  I love that I can meet people from the other side of the world and be so intrigued to learn more about who they are how they live their lives.  That meeting would not have taken place if the Programme had gone to plan.  So what I want to say to you today is this…  Whenever things do go wrong, or things don’t quite go according to plan, ask yourself 2 questions:



  1. What if this were happening FOR me and not TO me.  How would I change my response?
  2. How can I make the best of this current situation?
Im a celeb

This week (in the UK) also saw the launch of 2019s “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”.



Not the most intellectual show on earth, I appreciate that, but a guilty pleasure none the less.  I mean, if a TV show has the ability to make me laugh until I cry, then I make no apology for watching.  And boy, have I cried this week!



Something that struck me though… in the launch programme on Sunday, we got to see various ‘intro videos’ from the participants and I was intrigued that so many said they were doing the show in order to ‘be pushed out of their comfort zones’.



Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge advocate for getting out of your comfort zone.



If you are not growing, you are dying right?



But 3 weeks in the Australian jungle, eating creepy crawlies, facing your deepest fears… that’s hard core!



Like I say, I DO agree that we all must continue to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, but seriously – it doesn’t have to be on this level.  Just do something every day that challenges you. Makes you feel uncomfortable.



You see, when you get into a routine of doing the same every day – toast for breakfast, leave for work at 8am, usual route, usual lunch, usual chat, usual route back home – things can start to become a bit ‘bland’.  And when you are continually repeating the same things over and over, you don’t even have to think about them.  You get through each day on ‘automatic pilot’.



But that is not LIVING, that’s EXISTING and you, my friend is worthy of so much more.



We both are.



So, this weekend, I urge you to try something new.  Shake it up!  Shake free.  Try something new and different.



It can be a little daunting when you decide to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.  I get that.  But you can start small and develop a new habit, building your confidence every day.  Say hello to a stranger.  Try a new restaurant.  If you enjoy a Friday night takeaway, order something different.  Shopping Saturday?  How about heading to a different town and doing your shopping there.  Think about it….. when you drive somewhere new, you have to pay much more attention to the roads, to the traffic signals, to the ‘flow’.  But in that more conscious state, you will notice other things too; the cutest little gift shop, the little fashion boutique, a range of clothing in your favourite store that you have never noticed before.  Give it a try and see how it feels.



Start to develop a new habit of one new thing every day.  If you get lost trying to find the new restaurant or shopping centre, don’t worry.  Just enjoy the ‘adventure’ of life.  Stay curious, don’t panic and all will work out just fine, you’ll see. 



And just think how much bigger and how much richer your life will be this time next year if you try one new thing every day.



Oh, I’m excited just thinking about it.  



Have fun with it.   It might (feel) a little bit clumsy at first, but no one will notice… and the benefits you enjoy will far outweigh the initial discomfort.



So go ahead, what are you waiting for

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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