Greetings from Geneva, Switzerland.


How are you?  Have you been spending 15 minutes per day working on your big goal like we discussed last time?  Your life-plan?

Linda in Geneva

Perhaps you are so caught up in the ‘busy-ness’ of life that you have forgotten how to dream?  Well let’s talk about that for a moment.



One of the keys to my success has been getting very specific about the life I choose to create and for me, that has meant getting clear on what I truly desire, understanding what lights me up, acknowledging where I am ‘at’ today, and accepting the decisions that have led me to this place. Today, I encourage you to explore what it is YOU truly desire and remember, there are no rights or wrongs here.  Be honest with yourself and accept that at this point, you are exactly where you need to be.



You may be starting out with a clear vision of your dream future but lacking the know-how to implement.  Alternatively, you may be starting out with absolutely no idea what your dream life looks like but with certainty that you want change and you want it now.



Wherever you are at right now is perfect.



Now I have to be honest with you for a moment, when I first started out on this path, working with my own coach, I used to get really pissed at the number of times she would talk about ‘desires’.  ‘Desires’?  I hated that word so much.



Why don’t you just speak normally I thought.  Ask me what I want?



Well, she must have read my mind (or my body language) because one day, she explained the difference:



💎 The primary difference between a wish and a desire is the emotional connection. A want or a wish comes from the head.  A desire comes from the heart.



Decisions that are made from a place of ‘desire’ are supported by the Universe.  The resources required come in easily. It just flows.



But a decision made from the head is often fueled by obligation, a fear of missing out, caring what others will think etc. and often the resources needed to bring it into place don’t come as easily.



OK, now I have that off my chest, I will ask again.  What is it that you Desire?



If you are struggling to know what it is that lights you up, what brings you most joy, try answering these questions.



But before you start, go get a pen and paper, a nice cuppa (or a glass of wine if you prefer), settle down in your favourite spot and ‘tune in’ for a moment.

Coffee and notebook

All set?  Sitting comfortably?  OK here goes – I have a few questions to ask.
Answer these from the heart (not the head), and you will gain more clarity.



💎  What are some of the most significant accomplishments and celebrations in your life to date?
💎   Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of?
💎   What are you naturally good at?  Your innate abilities, gifts, unique talents, skills.   

💎   What are you so good at that it fascinates other people because it comes so easily and naturally to you?
💎   What are the things you loved to do as a child?
💎   What are the things you loved to do as a teenager? Can you remember what you wanted to DO or who you wanted to BE when you left school?

💎  What is it that lights you up?  What brings you joy?



And now let me ask you again.   From the heart…. What is it that you desire?



Are you any more clear?  If YES, woohoo!  Fantastic.  I’m absolutely thrilled.  High Five to you!



If NO, don’t worry too much about it.  The questions have been asked now and you may notice that your mind continues to search for the answers over the coming few days.  So why not schedule some ‘quiet’ time this weekend, where you can visit a favourite place and re-visit the questions again.  Somewhere that always leaves you feeling inspired…



Don’t get carried along by the ‘current’ of life.



You only get one shot at life and this is yours.  Own it.



Do what you love and love what you do.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

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