Wow! What a whirlwind it’s been since the last time I wrote you.


I have now sold my home in Glasgow and all of my furniture, put my personal belongings into storage and temporarily relocated to London.


Yikes!  Kind of stressful but still…….. so exciting!



But why the big changes?  Well for a while, I have held a vision of how I want my life to look and this was a key step in bringing that vision to life.  You see, I believe that life happens by design not by default.   And if you want something, if you really want it, then you have to take action.  You have to MAKE it happen.



I have held this vision for around 3 years and finally, I decided that the time was right to make it happen and to start living the life I have dreamed of.



The vision – to sell my home in Scotland, downsize, cleanse! get rid of loads of ‘stuff’, relocate to a new town (possibly a new country) and amend the structure of my Business so that I can live and work from anywhere in the world.



I want to invest much more of my time in doing what lights me up, what inspires my soul. The true definition of my ‘Diamond Life’ – creating a life in which I ‘sparkle’ every single day.  And that sparkle comes from doing what I love.  In feeling inspired.  In feeling truly alive and vibrant.



At this stage, I have no idea where that new town (or country) will be, but for now it’s in London. The rest I’m sure will unfold quite naturally.



Watch this space for updates.



And how about you?  Is there an important decision to be made in your life?
Are you procrastinating as I was?   Perhaps there is a big decision that you have been resisting?  Maybe the uncertainty or fear of what happens after the decision is made is holding you back?



Well my advice – is this.  If you have been struggling to make an important decision, then instead of asking ‘What should I do?  Try asking – how do I want to feel?  And what is the decision that will most likely lead to that feeling?  Even if it is not immediate.



Sometimes when we think about our personal goals, the ‘scale’ of the task can seem quite overwhelming and so we never make a start.  And most especially if we don’t know exactly where the path will lead.



When I finally made the decision to sell my home and took the ACTION necessary to make it happen, things started to unfold quite magically, and in ways that I could never have imagined.   Opportunities were presented almost as quickly as I appointed the Agent to sell my property.  And my buyer… well she came along at exactly the right time, made an offer on the spot and closed the deal in 4 weeks!    So trust me when I tell you this….   When you make a decision to change and COMMIT to that decision, the universe conspires to support you.



Trust me!  You are not alone.

Linda with her friend in Bordeaux

Are there things that you would LIKE to do, changes you would like to make to your life but are just too busy and don’t have time to take ACTION?



Perhaps it’s:

  • Finding a job that you love?
    (new company? same company/different role?) 
  • Career change? 
  • Selling your home and starting afresh in a new city (like me)? 
  • Starting your own Business? 
  • Planning for early retirement? 
  • Creating a new life overseas? 
  • Travelling solo? 
  • Achieving a greater work/life balance? 
  • something else? 


What is YOUR dream?  What would you like to be celebrating 12 months from now?



You don’t know?  Well, think about it.  This is your life.



OWN it 💎



What would you like to be celebrating 12 months from now?  How would you like your life to look?   Importantly – how do you want to FEEL?



Now – set the intention.



“THIS is how I will feel, and these are the changes I will make”.



Next – map out the first 10 steps.



Then do something every day to move you towards your goal.



One phone call, one 15-minute language lesson, 15 minutes spent updating your CV, 15 minutes per day learning a new skill, or clearing out at home in preparation for the sale. By the end of each month, you will have invested more than 7 hours in you and your goals. In one year, close to 100 hours (at 15 mins per day).



Start NOW.   Start TODAY.   15 minutes.
You are soooo worth it.

x Love and courage x

Love Linda

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