The first half of 2019 has been somewhat challenging as both of my parents have been quite poorly.  They are doing much better right now – and so I am back and ready for a more exciting second half of the year.


And I have some news.


I am making some big changes… the most significant?



My home is on the market and I intend to start afresh in a new chapter.



But where to? I hear you ask.



Well, the truth is – I have absolutely no idea!



What I do know is that life is fragile… and it is time for me to stop procrastinating and finally start living the life that I have been talking about for at least the last 3 years.



I intend to sell my place, downsize, get rid of loads of ‘stuff’, relocate to a new town (possibly a new country) and start travelling again.



At this stage, I have no idea where that new town (or country) will be. So, for now, the focus is on selling my place. and I will simply let the rest unfold.



Watch this space for updates.



And how about you?  Is there an important decision to be made in your life? Are you procrastinating too?  Is there something that you have been resisting? A decision you are afraid of?



Well my advice – is this.  If you have been struggling to make an important decision, then instead of asking ‘What should I do? Try asking – how do I want to feel? And what is the decision that will most likely to lead to that feeling?



Sometimes when we think about our personal goals, the ‘scale’ of the task can seem quite overwhelming and so we never make a start.  And most especially if we don’t know exactly where the path will lead.



When I finally made the decision to sell my home and took the ACTION necessary to make it happen, things started to unfold quite magically, and in ways that I could never have imagined.

Elmwood Manor

Are there things that you would LIKE to do, changes you would like to make to your life but are just too busy and don’t have time to take ACTION?



Perhaps it’s:

  • Finding a job that you love? (new company? same company/different role?)
  • Career change?
  • Selling your home and starting afresh in a new city?
  • Starting your own Business?
  • Planning for early retirement?
  • Creating a new life overseas?
  • Travelling solo?
  • Achieving a greater work/life balance?
  • Something else? 


What is YOUR dream?  What would you like to be celebrating 12 months from now?



You don’t know?  Well, think about it.  This is your life.  Own it 💎



What would you like to be celebrating?  How would you like your life to look?   Importantly – how do you want to FEEL?   Now – set the intention.



“THIS is how I will feel and these are the changes I will make”.



Next – map out the first 10 steps.



Then do something every day to move you towards your goal.



One phone call, one 15-minute language lesson, 15 minutes spent updating your CV, 15 minutes per day learning a new skill, or clearing out at home in preparation for the sale.  By the end of each month, you will have invested more than 7 hours in you and your goals.  In one year, close to 100 hours (at 15 mins per day).



Start NOW.   Start TODAY.   15 minutes.   You are soooo worth it.

xxx Love and courage xxx

Love Linda

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