I don’t know whether you are in a relationship or not, but as it is Valentine’s Day today, it seems to me like the perfect moment to recommit to YOU and to living your life with COURAGE.

But what does that even mean?

When I share my story, people often respond with the words – wow! – you are so courageous.

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The first time I heard someone say that to me, I thought – courageous?
That is a strange word to use to describe having the time of my life and doing what I LOVE!


Because you see, like most people, my understanding of the word Courage is fairly traditional. It’s about firemen rescuing babies from burning buildings. It’s about people putting themselves in danger – taking action to intervene when a crime is in progress.


But actually, the word COURAGE comes from the Latin ‘COR’ meaning heart – and the word ‘COURAGE’ means to live from the heart – or to live WHOLEHEARTEDLY.


Ultimately, Courage has little to do with heroic acts and EVERYTHING to do with the choices you make – moment by moment, day by day, right throughout the course of your life.


Think of it like this…


Every time an opportunity challenges you to be MORE than who you presently are, you are acting with courage.


Every time an opportunity pushes you to take responsibility for the state of your life, to express yourself authentically, to act with integrity, open your eyes and your heart to the full experience of life, you are acting with COURAGE.


Every time you say YES to what inspires you and NO to what depletes you, you are acting with courage.


THOSE opportunities to act with courage, arise every single day of your life.


In fact,


is the courage to take responsibility for your own life.


Like it or not, you alone are responsible for the person you are today, the state of your heart and the shape of your life.


The decisions you make moment by moment, hour by hour and day by day are shaping your life – whether you realise it or not.


But the moment you DO, the moment you see it, you ‘get’ it, and you realise how much power you have – that this is YOUR life, and your happiness, your relationships, your sense of well-being – everything starts with you…. then the magic happens.


YOU get to take back the reins to your own life.


You get to be RESPONSIBLE.
The word itself is formed of 2 others RESPONSE and ABLE.


So, YES clearly thing will happen over which we have no real control.
That’s true for all of us. We don’t have the power to control everything outside of ourselves, but we CAN choose how to respond in every single moment.



Ocean eyes

This is YOUR life and since I am assuming you would like to enjoy it, then you need to own your experience of it fully.  And by fully, I mean you need to own every single aspect of it. 



Let’s take a closer look at the key areas of your life..

  • Family & Friends
  • Career
  • Fun
  • Health
  • Home/Physical Environment
  • Love & Romance
  • Money/Personal Finance 
  • Personal Growth


In which of these key areas, do you feel MOST satisfied?



In which of these key areas do you feel LEAST satisfied?



Do you accept that you are responsible for the shape of your life today?



Are you doing all that you know how to do in order to improve this area of your life where you feel most dissatisfied?



What action can you take today in order to shape a better future?



Not sure?  Maybe I can help.



Drop me a message with a few lines of text to describe your current situation and I will respond with my thoughts on what action you may take in order to improve it.

x Until next time, sending you love x

Love Linda

I would love to get to know you more, connect with me here.

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