2019 has got off to a great start and I am feeling GOOD.  I am feeling really GOOD.


I made some decisions about my Business at the start of the year and I have to be honest, I am enjoying it so much more right now.  Why? Because I have given myself permission to be ME.

Tuk Tuk

No more curating posts or amending text in order to appeal to a specific audience.  NOW I am writing from the heart.   I write as me and I accept that those who like me or who resonate with my words will stay and those who don’t will leave or unfollow.



I’m OK with that.



So here we are.   Something I have been thinking about quite a lot recently is just how differently we all perceive things.



For example, if I showed you a photo of New York City, some would think CHAOS and others might think ADVENTURE.



A photo of a beautiful beach, some might think ‘PEACEFUL’ or ‘FREEDOM’ whilst others think… ‘BORING’  – lol.



The WAY in which we perceive these things is very much influenced by the way in which we have experienced the world so far.



In my newsletter today, I wanted to share with you – 2 different versions of SUCCESS and ask you the question – WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER?



Cruising around the country in a nice little sports car where you can raise the roof at the press of a button and feel the wind on your face as you experience FREEDOM (at least on a temporary basis).   No emails, no phone calls, no demands on your time.



Or travelling around Cambodia in a Tuk Tuk.
The sun on your face, camera in hand and your eyes wide open to the awe and wonder of all that you see before you?   No emails, no phone calls, no demands on your time.



Two very different worlds.



Two very different versions of  SUCCESS.



I have lived them both.

Ocean with lady

For 25 years, I pursued my career relentlessly. I was ambitious, I was determined and I was successful.   But in 2008 – I relocated (with my job) to Shanghai and while I was there, EVERYTHING changed.  It was here in Shanghai that I fell in love … with LIFE.



Not only did my experience in Shanghai change ME, but it also changed my view of the world.



More specifically, my view of SUCCESS and what that looks like for me.



To the extent that I gave up my job in 2011 and headed off into the sunset.



At the age of 43 – I took my first ever ‘gap year’ (and a half)!



In 2013, I went back to work in London – great job, interesting company …. but I just knew that it wasn’t right for me anymore.



And so, I made the courageous decision to quit and re-train as a Life Coach – now evolved into a PERSONAL SUCCESS coach.



My personal MISSION is to design a life I love. 
A life in which I sparkle every single day.
A life in which I can live and work from anywhere in the world.
Where I can take my camera, be fully present and experience every single moment of the adventure.



The sports car is nice, don’t get me wrong and I hope to buy another one someday – but the truth is, I would trade it every time for the next adventure.  For when I am travelling, discovering and connecting to those I meet along the route,  I feel ALIVE, radiant and vibrant.



I feel fulfilled.   And that is when I feel most like ME – the real me.



My VISION includes helping you to design a life around the things that you love.



But to do that – you must first get clear on what those things are and what SUCCESS really looks like for you.

x Love and courage x

Love Linda

I would love to get to know you more, connect with me here.

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