And a very Happy New Year to you.


I am declaring 2019 a super successful year for us both.  Are you in?


Listen up…


I will only be gone 3 months …..


Those were my words.


Delivered with conviction.  For I absolutely 100% believed them to be true.


You see, that was to be the term of the assignment and I had a perfectly good life, a great job and a fabulous new car waiting for me back in Scotland so why wouldn’t I return?



Why indeed?



Let’s go back in time…



It was early April 2007, my suitcases were packed ready to go and I was saying my farewells. To family, friends, colleagues and team members from the Glasgow office.  I was leaving for New Zealand.



3 months working on the other side of the world – where everyone speaks English (albeit with a strange slant on their vowels😍😍) AND its sunny… what is not to love?



Who cares that I was travelling alone and knew absolutely no-one down there?  I was excited and I couldn’t wait to get on the plane.



Soon I was on my way.
3 months turned into 12 … then I accepted a new role as Regional Operations Director based in….….



Wait for it …..






Oh yes baby!



And it was here, in Shanghai that I fell in LOVE 💖💖 with LIFE.



And when I say I fell in love with life, I mean I REALLY fell in love – with Shanghai, with Asia and with LIFE.



To the extent that as my contract term was approaching the first review of its term – after 3 years, I decided to quit (as you do) and head off out into the sunset as a solo traveller.



At 43, I was ready for my ‘gap year’.


I set off with my new DSLR camera and explored Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and a few more besides.  I had intended to spend time in Vietnam too but I forgot to get my visa so they wouldn’t let me in! lol



Then a short trip back to the UK to catch up with family & friends and partake in a very ‘heavy duty’ Personal Development programme.



Next, a month spent in Italy visiting Rome, Florence, Venice and the Amalfi Coast whilst rolling my ‘r’s like a professional and convincing myself that I was born to speak Italian.



Onwards to New York where I rented an apartment for a month near Greenwich village and lived like a local. A local with a passion for Broadway shows I might add.



And finally – to Cuba. I mean seriously – where else would a girl go in order to learn to salsa?



So yes – 3 months extended …. a little…. to almost 5 years and a lifetime of adventure, fun and one very BIG question…



How can I find a way to earn a living doing what I love so that I can FEEL this good every single day?



Well I have to be honest, I didn’t truly believe it was possible … and so, in June 2013, I did the only thing I knew how to do, I went back to work… in London.



But deep down, I knew that this was no longer the life for me.   So just a few short years later, I gave it up again. Took ANOTHER year off just for fun… and then invested in a high-level coach and re-trained to become a coach myself.   Now evolved into a Personal Success Coach.



My personal MISSION is to design a life I love. A life in which I sparkle every single day.



A life in which I can live and work from anywhere in the world.   Where I can take my camera, be fully present and experience every single moment of the adventure.



And my VISION includes helping you to design a life around the things that you LOVE.  In order to do that – you must first get clear on what those things are and what SUCCESS really looks like for you.



And so, as your coach, my first task will be to help you with the following:


  1. Reconnect to the truth of WHO you really are 
  2. Get crystal CLEAR about what you want from life. 
  3. Develop the COURAGE to design a life on YOUR terms and then take the ACTION required to make it happen


So what are you waiting for? Feeling scared? Yes, I get it. I was too.
But please don’t wait as long as I did to take action.   Because none of us are getting any younger and we are NEVER getting this time back.



💎 Life is short – LIVE IT 💎



Do what you LOVE and LOVE what you do.

x Love and courage x

Love Linda

I would love to get to know you more, connect with me here.

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