In my former/Corporate life, I don’t think I ever slowed down enough to notice the changing seasons – other than how ‘dark’ it was when I left for work and when I arrived home.  In fact, outside of work – I didn’t notice much at all.   Probably like most people in my circle, I would associate the season of autumn with rainy days, dark nights and gloomy faces.  Today – I notice the beauty.

Cozy nights

Let’s take a few moments this week to think about and appreciate the beauty of the autumn/fall season.



A time to reflect 
First of all, autumn/fall illustrates that everything in life is fluid and in order to move forward, we must embrace change.   The weather (in most places) is changing. The trees are shedding their leaves.  Change is all around us and it’s deliciously intoxicating.  Though many people agree that the New Year as a time for change, I believe that Autumn provides a great time for reflection.  It’s a chance to look back and assess how far you have come.



For some though,  as the trees shed their leaves, it may feel like everything is dying and question whether this change can be for the better.  But just think about it for a moment – without autumn/fall, there would be no spring nor summer.  It may appear as though things are dying right now, but nature embraces this temporary death to be reborn again in spring.



This is what we should do too.   Change is difficult, I understand that.  
Periods of transition almost always involve some kind of pain or crisis.  But when we learn to accept a new phase in our life, we come to accept that more often than not, change is for the better.  But we must let go of the old in order to welcome the new.



Letting Go  
Autumn/fall season reminds us that it is crucial to let go of the things that belong in the past.  Every year, nature goes through transition, trees lose their leaves and we say goodbye to the cheerful summer version.   Nature lets go without regrets and welcomes the change.  This is an important life lesson for us too.



If we don’t let things go and continue to dwell on the past, our personal growth will stop, and we will eventually find ourselves ‘stuck’ in life.

Ocean with lady

Time to evaluate
It is essential to sum up the results of our work and evaluate our accomplishments in all spheres of life from time to time, to see how well we are doing.  And this period of the year inspires us to do just that.



Season of Inspiration
This season has long been a source of creative inspiration for many.
Watching nature’s gorgeous transformation is enough to give you fresh ideas and new insights, no matter what way you release your creative energy.



Enjoy the little things in life
Finally, the fall season gives us a chance to appreciate the little things in life.
A cup of hot chocolate, a warm blanket, a good book, a great TV series – these simple things can make us truly happy after being outdoors in the autumn cold.  With the chilly weather and depressing images, the fall brings to us, you realize the great power the little joys of life have.  It’s a season when time seems to slow down, just like everything in nature.   Autumn allows us to recharge our batteries and enjoy alone time doing our favourite activities.



So, what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a hot drink, grab a book you have been meaning to read and enjoy the coziness of your home this autumn. 

xxx Love and courage xxx

Love Linda

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