We each have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. That’s a LOT of thinking.


And then of course, every day, hundreds of different things happen – to us and all around us.  Between our work life, our personal lives, and what is going on in the outside world (like BREXIT!) there are a multitude of things demanding our attention and pulling us in every direction.

Noisy Mind

No wonder we all feel stressed out!



But when we feel overwhelmed, we can lose clarity, our decision-making can become clouded, our emotions get the better of us, and we can start to feel like we are out of control.



How good would it feel to be able to move from one thing to the next without feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed?



When I worked my corporate job, I used to keep going, no matter what.  Even if I felt overwhelmed, or exhausted, I would just keep going.  But now I have a different view of the world, I realise that pressing the PAUSE button in those particularly stressful times would have been a much kinder response.



So how do we press the pause button and how can we get conscious about our thoughts?



Awareness is the first step to change.



Becoming aware of the thoughts that show up as judgement, pre-conceptions, comparisons, or limiting beliefs – is the first step to winning the battle that we have with our minds.



When we accept that our thoughts are pre-disposed to worry and fear, that they are coming from some out-dated version of ourselves that is no longer relevant or helpful, we suddenly have the opportunity to welcome new, more supportive and progressive thoughts.



When we get conscious enough to become aware of the dialogue in our minds and begin the process of shifting from lives led by reactive, unconscious thought to deliberately choosing more positive thoughts and thoughts which are conducive to the life that we are INTENTIONALLY creating for ourselves, things start to change.  And they start to change fast.

Record Player

Begin the practice of regularly noticing what that voice in your head is saying about you or your capabilities.



If it is fear based – discard it.  Have fun with it.  Name it even!



You will soon start to notice how your mind loves to re-play the same old soundtrack.   “I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m too old, I’ll never be able to make that happen… “



Choose a new soundtrack to your life.  One which will move you into a more positive, can-do mindset.



Be your own coach and take responsibility for your thoughts.  They will shape your world and if you are serious about creating a life that is the truest expression of who you are, then there are no shortcuts.



Consider that every one of us, regardless of anything that has happened in our life up until this point, can decide today on the kind of person we are going to be, and we can start over.



We can write the lyrics to our own life.



Taking responsibility for our lives by having the courage to take responsibility for our thoughts, is a very powerful first step to freedom.

xxx Love and courage xxx

Love Linda

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