So how did you get on last week?


Have you been giving lots of thought to the areas where you have been using AGE as a barrier to living your life your way?


I hope that you have experienced some kind of breakthrough this week and are now making plans for a brighter future…


I have been having my own breakthroughs this week.

Linda Thomson


Not in relation to age specifically but in seeking to understand why it is that I have been (unconsciously) sabotaging my own success as an entrepreneur.   For that is what I have been doing for quite some time now.  In an effort to finally unravel the mystery as to why I would choose to stand so powerfully in my own way, I have taken some time away from social media and all the ‘should-do’s’ and have immersed myself in hours & hours of audio books, writing, and  re-visiting insights & learnings from previous events with my mentor.



A lot of things have come up for me.



This week, I am yet again forced to acknowledge the truth that I am trapped beneath a glass ceiling.  It’s the glass ceiling that I have created inside of myself.  I have been holding myself back from reaching my full potential and this is particularly evident in the area outside of my corporate comfort zone – it’s in putting ME first.



Now I admit that when I left my Corporate role and started out – creating my own Business, I struggled with my identity.  Work was always more to me than just a job.  It was my whole life and so my personal identity has always been linked securely to that career.



But I knew that the time was right for me to leave and to pursue a more meaningful experience of life.  I could FEEL that something was missing.  My time in Shanghai opened my eyes and my heart to a life where I felt ALIVE, INSPIRED and INVIGORATED every single day.  So, although I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do – I knew how I wanted to FEEL.  And my Corporate career was not offering that anymore.  The moment that I found Coaching – I knew that this was my destiny.



So why the glass ceiling?  For someone who has always defiantly rejected the notion in her corporate role, why would I impose such a limitation on achieving all that I am capable of as an entrepreneur?



Good question!

Glass ceiling

Earlier this week, I met an old friend for lunch.  In fact, twice this week, a similar scenario occurred.  I was with my friends, sitting across the table (one a restaurant and one a coffee shop) and I was crying.  I was really crying.  Sobbing – like a baby.



Couldn’t help myself.   Zero self-control.



This is not who I AM, I thought – and it is not who I want to be.    
I chastised myself even in those vulnerable moments and felt compelled to apologise to my friends for being such a ‘cry-baby’.  I also secretly professed never to leave the house again until I am back in control and all this ‘nonsense’ has passed.



But I was sharing with them, how I truly feel right now – totally naked and absolutely raw.   Yes indeed.  I feel like I am standing alone.  Naked and raw.  All the protective masks and layers from my corporate life now removed, and I am standing here.  Paralysed by fear.   Aware that I need to take the leap into my new life and all the opportunities it will surely present – and yet I am unable to move.



Not a great advert for the woman who is committed to helping others overcome their fears and live their lives with courage.  And sharing this would probably be considered a really bad idea by my PR team (if I had one) but it’s the truth.



It’s my truth.  And you deserve to know the truth.



It is often said that awareness is the first step to transformation and over the last few weeks and months, I have been privy to a new/deeper level of awareness.  Areas that, despite 30 years of interest in Personal Development and more recently, significant investment in the subject – have never been revealed.  I say – never been revealed – I guess what I mean is, I have never had the courage to face.



I am facing them now.
It’s not a comfortable journey but it is essential.  And I am committed. 
I’m going to keep going, keep excavating, and keep growing.



I am ready to shatter that glass ceiling and step forward to claim every aspect of my new life and live every day on purpose.



I will share more with you about the revelations in due course, but right now I am still working through it all.  So, bear with me.



And how about you?  Is there any area of your life that you may have imposed an unconscious upper limit?  Are you living the life you truly desire?  Do you wake up every day feeling inspired, invigorated and full of joy?



If not, and if you are a woman who finds herself at cross-roads, wondering what the next 20 years holds for you – then I would love to help you gain clarity so that you may take control and design your future. Creating your most fabulous life.

xxx Love & Courage xxx

Love Linda

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